15 Best Amazon Seller Tools & Services We Use in 2021

These are the best Amazon seller tools and resources we have used to build a successful Amazon business over the last 14 years.

We always do thorough testing before we start using any Amazon selling tool or service whether for retail arbitrage, wholesale or private label.

You can be assured that these are the best Amazon FBA tools and services available to help you find success.

Here are the best Amazon selling tools, courses and services we will be reviewing;

  1. Jungle Scout
  2. Helium 10
  3. Tactical Arbitrage
  4. BuyBotPro
  5. Fetcher
  6. Keepa
  7. CamelCamelCamel
  8. Thompson & Holt
  9. Currencies Direct
  10. Siteground
  11. Marketplace Superheroes
  12. Amazing Selling Machine
  13. Amazon Boot Camp
  14. Proven Amazon Course
  15. The Wholesale Formula

The Best Amazon FBA Courses & Training

Private Label Course – We recommend Marketplace Superheroes for a high quality affordable private label course – to learn more please click here

Private Label Ultimate Course – If you have a larger budget we would recommend Amazing Selling Machine training – please click here for more details.

Retail Arbitrage Course – for people wanting to start with Retail Arbitrage we recommend The Selling Family Amazon Boot Camp course – please click here for more details.

Amazon FBA & Wholesale CourseProven Amazon Course (PAC) – Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course covers most aspects of selling on Amazon including Arbitrage, Wholesale, Merch and Private Label. Please take a look at the incredible amount of content you get by clicking here.

Amazon Wholesale Course – the most comprehensive Amazon Wholesale course is The Wholesale Formula – please click here to learn more.

Amazon FBA Product Research Tools

Jungle Scout Amazon Product Sourcing

Jungle Scout – Jungle Scout is still the gold standard in Private Label product research tools for Amazon. Jungle Scout is still used by a lot of the most successful private label sellers on Amazon.

We highly recommend it and you can see all the awesome tools you get by clicking here.

Jungle Scout Discount Code – USE THIS LINK FOR UP TO 30% OFF – Jungle Scout Discount 🙂

Use the FREE Jungle Scout Sales Estimator to get monthly sales volume for any product being sold on Amazon – Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Helium 10 Amazon FBA Tools

Helium 10 – Everyone doing FBA should have this powerful suite of Amazon product research tools. Keyword Research and Tracking, optimize PPC, find profitable products, highlight refunds Amazon owes you, spy on competitors, hijacker alerts for your listing and many more tools.

You can use a lot of the Helium 10 tools for free starting today – click here to take a look.

Tactical Arbitrage Online Sourcing Software

Tactical Arbitrage – Tactical Arbitrage can be used for most types of product sourcing including online arbitrage and wholesale. It works in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and many more. You can test it out with their free trial – Tactical Arbitrage Free Trial.


BuyBotPro – Buy Bot Pro is the world’s first fully automated FBA calculator, online arbitrage sourcing & wholesale analysis tool. Save time, make more profits, scale faster and avoid the ‘Bad Buys’ that can destroy your business – click here to learn more.

Amazon FBA Accounting and Profits

Fetcher Online Accounting Software for Amazon Sellers

Fetcher – From the guys behind Jungle Scout, this is their awesome Amazon accounting software. Fetcher will grab all your Amazon data and calculate your profits, PPC success, refunds, fees and more so you can know what’s really happening in your Amazon business.

Fetcher are currently offering a 30-day free trial which you can grab here – Fetcher free 30-day trial.

Amazon Product Analysis

Keepa Chrome Extension

Keepa – the Keepa Chrome Extension is an absolutely essential free tool for analysing sales, price and seller history of products on Amazon.

CamelCamelCamel free Amazon tool Logo

CamelCamelCamel – a free tool that lets you look at the price history of any Amazon product. Users are also able to set price watches and then be emailed when a product reaches that price which can be a great help when doing online arbitrage sourcing.

Amazon Seller Account Appeal and Suspension Service

Thompson and Holt Amazon Suspensions

Thompson & Holt – these guys have incredible success in getting Amazon seller accounts reinstated after suspension. They also offer account monitoring services to make sure you avoid any future issues.

Thompson & Holt cover all Amazon marketplaces including the US and UK. They offer a fast and affordable service so we recommend you get in touch with them here.

Amazon Currency Exchange and Payments

Currencies Direct Exchange Payments

Currencies Direct – Amazon sellers can save up to 75% on foreign currency payments on Amazon. Nobody should still be using Amazon to transfer their funds. Using Currencies Direct is basically giving you free extra money each month and can make a huge difference over the year.

There is really no excuse not to sign up today here.

Websites & Hosting for Amazon Sellers

Siteground Web Hosting and Email

Siteground – For website hosting and domains we use and recommend Siteground. They are extremely reliable with great customer support. Take a look here.

Shipping Tools and Supplies to Help You Sell on Amazon

For US Amazon sellers
Amazon FBA labels
DYMO LabelWriter 450 Thermal Label Printer
Laser Printer
Heat Gun for removing store labels
Scotty Peelers Label & Sticker Remover
Shipping Scales
Box Resizer

For UK Amazon Sellers
Amazon FBA Labels
Samsung Laser Printer
Heat Gun for removing store labels
151 Products Sticker Remover Kit
Shipping Scales
Bubble Wrap

Please let me know your favorite Amazon FBA selling tools and supplies in the comments below.


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Good luck and Happy Selling!

James 🙂

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