Tools & supplies we use to succeed on Amazon

These are the tools and resources we have used to build a very successful Amazon FBA business over the last 12 years. Being perfectionists we always do thorough testing before we use any tool or service. You can be assured that these are the best tools and services available to help you find success with Amazon FBA.

We are trying to help you build a successful business so have chosen tools and software which we think will add genuine value to you. We will add more tools to the list as we use and test them.


Amazon FBA product sourcing tools

Tactical Arbitrage – Tactical Arbitrage can be used for most types of product sourcing including online arbitrage and wholesale. It works in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and many more. You can get a extended 10 day free trial here. Use code ‘TSGUYS’

Jungle Scout – Jungle Scout is still the gold standard for Private Label product research and is used by a lot of the most successful private label sellers on Amazon. We highly recommend it and you can take a look here.

BookableVA – if you want to scale up your Amazon FBA or Shopify business then why not outsource your product sourcing? You will have 4 fully trained VA’s finding winning products for you. BookableVA will free up your time so you can really take your business to the next level. It works in the US and UK and you can take a look at the services on offer here.


The best Amazon FBA Courses and Coaching

ProvenAmazonCourse – Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course is the only course we can recommend for great content, proven results and incredible value. It covers pretty much every aspect of selling on Amazon including Arbitrage, Wholesale, Merch and Private Label. Please take a look at the incredible amount of content you get here.

Coaching and Mentoring – if you are looking for one-on-one help to get you started or scale up your Amazon business please contact us for details or reach out in the Facebook Groups.


Amazon FBA Private Label essential tools

FREE TO USE – Helium 10 – Everyone doing FBA should have this powerful suite of tools from Helium 10. It takes care of Keyword Research and Tracking, optimizing PPC, finding profitable products, highlights refunds Amazon owes you, spy on competitors, hijacker alerts for your listing and many more tools.
You can use a lot of the tools for free starting today here.

BONUS – you can use Coupon Code ‘TSG’ for an exclusive 10% discount on all plans!

Jumpsend – Jumpsend is another awesome product from Greg at Jungle Scout. It is great for successfully launching your private label product. You can get product reviews, feedback, run promotions and deal with refunds. You can sign up for a free trial here.

Outlinematic – for high quality and affordable design services we recommend Outlinematic based in the US. They can design your product packaging, logos, inserts, brochures, info – graphics, t-shirts and much more. Take a look here and use code ‘FLM’ for a 10% discount.

Splitly – This is an innovative tool for sellers serious about private label. Splitly is another tool from Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout and allows you to do split testing on your Amazon private label listings. This removes the guesswork and allows you to quickly optimize and crush the competition. It is definitely worth taking a look here.

GetResponse – We use GetResponse to collect email addresses of customers and create landing pages. You can then use this list to launch new products, run promotions and get reviews. If you are serious about building a brand both on and off Amazon you really need to be building an email list. It can also be used to build landing pages and run webinars. They offer a 30 day free trial here.


Freight Forwarding & Shipping

Flexport – Flexport moves freight globally by air, ocean, rail and truck for the world’s leading e-commerce companies. By combining robust software, dedicated service, and competitive freight rates, they can give you peace of mind and control over your supply chain. They will help reduce your door-to-door supply chain costs, and are offering free import customs clearance on your first shipment worth $150 – take a look here.


Win the Buy Box and get more sales with Amazon Repricing Software

Repricerexpress – you can sell more and make more profit using automated repricing on Amazon. Your prices will be adjusted automatically to remain competitive and win the Buy Box. Get an exclusive 30 day FREE trial and see for yourself the huge increase in orders you can get – sign up and test it out today.


Get ungated and start selling in restricted Amazon categories

GetUngated Course – a full 15 module course which guides you step by step through getting ungated in Amazon restricted categories. Includes tips and tricks and a list of wholesaler suppliers to use.

Category Ungating UK – GetUngated Personalised Service – Karen will do all the work for you and make sure you get ungated in the most difficult categories.


Accounting and Profits

Fetcher – By the guys behind Jungle Scout this is great accounting software. Fetcher will grab all your Amazon data and calculate your profits, PPC success, refunds, fees and more so you can make better decisions. They are currently offering a 30 day free trial here.


Amazon Product Analysis

Keepa – Keepa is an absolutely essential free tool for analysing sales, price and seller history of products on Amazon.

CamelCamelCamel – a free tool that lets you look at the price history of any Amazon product. Users are also able to save price watches and be emailed when a product reaches a certain price.


Amazon seller account suspended?

Thompson & Holt – these guys have incredible success in getting Amazon seller accounts reinstated after suspension. They also offer account monitoring services which can ensure you avoid any future issues. Thompson & Holt cover all Amazon marketplaces including the US and UK. They offer a fast and affordable service so we recommend you get in touch with them here.


Currency Exchange and Payments

Currencies Direct – For UK and EU sellers – you can save up to 75% on foreign currency payments on Amazon. Nobody should still be using Amazon to transfer their funds. Using Currencies Direct is basically giving you free extra money each month and can make a huge difference over the year. There is really no excuse not to sign up today here.

OFX – For US and Australian sellers – you can get a huge discount on currency transfers with OFX. You can also pay your suppliers and third party services directly from your Amazon funds. Take a look at the benefits and get an exclusive rate here.


Websites & Hosting

Siteground – For website hosting and domains we use and recommend Siteground. They are extremely reliable with great customer support. Take a look here.

Shopify – You can use Shopify for a drop shipping or e-commerce site. They offer a risk free 14-day trial here.


Shipping tools and supplies to help sell on Amazon

For US Amazon sellers
Amazon FBA labels
DYMO LabelWriter 450 Thermal Label Printer
Laser Printer
Heat Gun for removing store labels
Scotty Peelers Label & Sticker Remover
Shipping Scales
Box Resizer


For UK Amazon Sellers
Amazon FBA Labels
Samsung Laser Printer
Heat Gun for removing store labels
151 Products Sticker Remover Kit
Shipping Scales
Bubble Wrap

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback on the Amazon tools and supplies we have recommended.


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