The best Amazon FBA and Private Label Sourcing and Research Tools

Here we review the best tools and software to help you source products to sell on Amazon FBA. Whether it’s for online arbitrage or private label selling, these tools will make your research more efficient and ultimately more successful.

You can spend hours manually browsing Amazon and other websites but it can be a frustrating experience and difficult to find any good opportunities. A lot of the tools have a one-off charge or monthly fee but this is easily covered by the additional profit you should be making.

Online Arbitrage – buying from one website at a low price and selling on another website, which is usually Amazon, for a higher price.

Private Label – sourcing a generic product usually from China which you then brand and sell on a new Amazon listing.


FBA Wizard Pro differs slightly from the other software listed. FBA Wizard Pro can actively scan retailers websites to find products matching your criteria which you can then resell on Amazon. This makes it perfect if you are sourcing for Online Arbitrage. Here is a quick rundown of all the best tools available and what they do.

Reviews of the best Amazon product sourcing tools

FBA Wizard Pro

FBA Wizard Pro – $74 – $83 (£55 – £67) a month

We currently use FBA Wizard Pro for online arbitrage sourcing, private label research, eBay selling and wholesaler scans. It is probably the best all-rounder and has lots of additional features lacking from other tools.

You can scan a retailers website for profitable products and it works in the US, Canada and the UK. You can also scan for products on Amazon to resell on eBay and you can import wholesale or distributor feeds to check these against Amazon for opportunities. If you are looking at launching a private label product it will also scan Amazon for potential product ideas much like Jungle Scout. For this reason, it is probably the best all in one solution and we strongly recommend it.

Try FBA Wizard Pro Today – Risk Free


Jungle Scout small logo

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension – $97 (£77) Lite Version $197 (£157) Pro Version – one time

Most people have heard of Jungle Scout and they produce high-quality sourcing and research tools. This is a chrome extension which works like Unicorn Smasher. You go to the product results page and click the button and it provides data on the products such as BSR, rank, reviews, and monthly sales.

This is very useful for Private Label research and product selection but can also be used for general product sourcing. There is a cost but Jungle Scout has a lot more features than the free extensions and will work in most Amazon Marketplaces. The Pro version also includes FBA fees, profit calculator and trends. If you are serious about selling on Amazon you will not be disappointed by Jungle Scout.

Get the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension


Jungle Scout Web App – $29 to $69 (£20 – £50) per month

The Web App is more expensive than the chrome extension but does serve a different purpose. A lot of people will have both and they do work well together. With the Web App you can put in pre-defined filters and it will search Amazon for those matching products so it does more of the hard work for you. It is great for Private Label research and general sourcing and it will let you track particular products to see what is selling. It currently works in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, and German Amazon marketplaces. If you are doing Private Label this is regarded as the best product research tool available.

Get the Jungle Scout Web App


amzscout product research tools

Amzscout Chrome Extension – FREE TO TRIAL

Amzscout is very similar to Jungle Scout. They also offer a chrome extension and web app which both offer similar functionality to the Jungle Scout tools. Amzscout is cheaper than Jungle Scout, has loads of great features, and now works in 9 different Amazon markets. It is free to trial so we recommend testing it out today.

Try Amzscout Chrome Extension FREE today!

Amzscout Web App – $19.99 – $39.99 (£15 – £30) per month

Again this is very similar to the Jungle Scout web app where you can search using filters and it will provide data on sales volume, competitor strength, tracking products price history, revenue estimation and much more. Using all these features you can quickly identify winning Private Label products to sell on Amazon.

It now works in 9 Amazon marketplaces including the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and India. We do highly recommend Amzscout and you can try it for free today.

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Asinspector small logo

Asinspector Pro – $147 (£118) per year

You cannot ignore the fact that this is a lot cheaper than its rivals working out at about $12 per month. It has a lot of great features for sourcing including estimated monthly sales, product tracker, importing a list of ASINS and keyword research.

Also, it now has a mobile app which allows you to scan products when doing retail arbitrage. This chrome extension has a lot of great features for the price and they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee so it makes sense to try it out. It may prove to do everything you need and works with Amazon USA, Canada and the UK.

Get Asinspector Pro


Cleer Platinum soucing tool

Cleer Platinum $119 (£89) one-time payment

This chrome extension has a great price and lots of good features but currently only works in the US. It works in a similar way to Asinspector and you can browse retailers websites and analyse products there and then on the page. There is a stripped down FREE version you can download to test the product. If you sign up you also get three of Jordan Maliks ebooks about online selling and it has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get your copy of Cleer Platinum


Amazeowl app for Amazon sellers

Amazeowl – FREE

Amazeowl is a relatively new chrome extension and desktop application which is currently free to use although additional features do cost money. They have just released a UK version but they do charge a fee for this. It is mainly focused on Private Label research and is quite similar to Jungle Scout where it will show BSR and other product data to help you find opportunities. If you are in the US then it is worth testing it out.


Unicorn Smasher free Amazon seller research tool

Unicorn Smasher – FREE

Lots of our Facebook Group members recommend Unicorn Smasher which is made by the people at AMZTracker. It is a chrome extension similar to Jungle Scout and Amazeowl and will provide BSR, sales estimates, ranking and other important data. It is well suited to Private Label research but can be used for any sourcing strategy.

Unicorn Smasher is a great tool especially considering its free and has such a good name and works in the US and UK. You do not require a professional selling account to use Unicorn Smasher so it is ideal for people testing the water.

Extra Amazon product research tools

FBA Wizard

FBA Wizard WizardBar – $119 (£97) per year

This is a useful chrome extension which will display BSR%, estimated monthly sales, risk, number of reviews and number of FBA sellers. It displays this information next to the product on the search results page and product page. It is very useful for quickly assessing products to purchase and also looking at your own products. You can also see how much stock other sellers have so can make plans based on this. We currently use WizardBar for our research.

Get the FBA Wizard Wizard Bar


FBA Wizard Fee Calculator – $34 (£27) one time

This tool allows you to enter your buy price and sell price and it will instantly calculate potential profits based on the current amazon fees. This is a box that appears next to the product on the Amazon listing page.

Get the FBA Wizard Fee Calculator


InventoryLab Scoutify App

InventoryLab Scoutify – $49 (£39) per month

We thought InventoryLab Scoutify app should also be included on our list as it offers a slightly different angle on sourcing. This is a tool that comes as part of the InventoryLab software that lets you scan barcodes of physical products when doing Retail Arbitrage. It will then analyse the data to show potential profits and the product sales history so you know whether to purchase it.

InventoryLab is a complete suite of tools for selling on Amazon and helps you manage your inventory, research products and keep track of your profits. If you are doing Retail Arbitrage this is a great all in one solution and they are offering a 30 day free trial.

Try InventoryLab for free!


We know choosing the right tools and software to help you with your Amazon product sourcing. Research can be confusing with so many different products available. We hope you find this list helps you make the right decision.

If you have any suggestions for new tools or feedback on the tools listed please take the time to post a comment below. This will help fellow Amazon sellers make the right choice.

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