Marketplace Superheroes Review 2021: Should You Buy It?

Are you looking to take an Amazon FBA course and want to know if Marketplace Superheroes is worth the money?

In our Marketplace Superheroes review, we will look at what’s included, whether it’s the best course for you, and what alternatives are available.

WHO WE ARE – We have now sold on Amazon for over 14 years, generating over $10,000,000 of revenue. We also run the Amazon sellers’ community with over 35,000 members. This puts us in a great position to offer expert advice on the best Amazon courses to take.

This is what we will cover in our Marketplace Superheroes review;

Marketplace Superheroes Review Should You Buy It

Marketplace Superheroes Review

Quick Summary

Amazon Selling Tools Award - The Selling Guys

What do you get in Marketplace Superheroes? A step-by-step training program with over 100 videos. You also get many valuable bonuses and their special ‘4S Product Finder’ software, which helps you discover new products.

Website: Marketplace Superheroes

Who is Marketplace Superheroes for? This course is well suited to beginners because of the amount of detail and also the low price. Marketplace Superheroes can be taken by any seller in any country.

One positive is that it is better suited to European sellers than most other Amazon courses which are purely focused on the US market.

Refund Policy: Marketplace Superheroes offer a no questions asked 30-day refund guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can simply get your money back.

Marketplace Superheroes cost: Marketplace Superheroes costs $997. They also offer a free 7-day trial which we recommend you try. If you are happy after the trial, you then pay 12 installments of $97.

Marketplace Superheroes Rating

What is Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) was created by entrepreneurs Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey and has been running for over 7 years.

MPSH students have sold over $35,000,000 of products using Amazon FBA in 7 different marketplaces, including the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

“MPSH students have sold over $35,000,000 of products”

Robert Rickey has been selling online for over 20 years with multiple companies and has generated sales of over $10,000,000.

Stephen Somers has been selling on Amazon for over 8 years. He decided to partner with Robert, who was originally his mentor and launch Marketplace Superheroes.

Marketplace Superheroes Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers
Marketplace Superheroes was created by Robert Ricky and Stephen Somers

Their combined experience is very important and sets Marketplace Superheroes apart from other Amazon seller training courses.

A lot of Amazon courses are created by inexperienced young sellers who may have only sold on Amazon for 6 months themselves before launching a course.

Robert and Stephen have succeeded in establishing an easy to follow training program which focuses firstly on intelligent product sourcing and then on global expansion.

They teach you how to find popular everyday proven products which will always be in demand.

With a few of these low competition products,  you can quickly build a solid monthly income. This is what Marketplace Superheroes call the ‘Rule of 5’ formula;

5 products x $5 each x 5 countries x 5 sales a day x 30 days = $18,750 a month in revenue (about $4500 profit)

As you can see, you just need to find a few reliable products that sell a few times a day and it quickly adds up to a full-time income.

Marketplace Superheroes 4,000 Heroes

FAQs About Marketplace Superheroes Amazon FBA Course

What is Marketplace Superheroes? An online video training course that teaches you how to start and then scale up an Amazon FBA business.

Is the Marketplace Superheroes Course a scam? Marketplace Superheroes is definitely not a scam.

In fact, it is an affordable and respected Amazon course that has all the content you need to sell successfully on Amazon.

Can you still make money selling on Amazon in 2021? Yes, you can. Amazon keeps growing and the demand for products keeps increasing. Amazon FBA remains one of the best opportunities for selling online in 2021.

“Amazon FBA remains one of the best opportunities for selling online in 2021”

What’s included in Marketplace Superheroes? They teach their MPSH Core 2.0 system with over 100 step-by-step training videos and numerous bonus modules.

You also get their proprietary product sourcing software and replays of an entire 6-day training bootcamp.

What bonuses are included? You get several bonuses with MPSH including Superhero Journey, Map the Market, Superhero Sprint, 100 Product Ideas in 7 days and MPSH Partnership.

What is Amazon FBA? FBA stands for ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ This is a program run by Amazon which allows you to sell products on their website without the need for your own warehouse.

Amazon FBA allows you to run a fairly ‘hands-off’ passive business.

Does Marketplace Superheroes go out of date? MPSH is constantly updated and you will have lifetime access to new material.

How long do you get access to the Marketplace Superheroes once you join? You will get lifetime access to MPSH and free updates.

How much is Marketplace Superheroes? You can pay a one-off payment of $997 or sign up for the Marketplace Superheroes 7-Day free trial.

If you are happy with the trial, you then pay $97 per month for 12 months.

If I change my mind, can I get a refund? Marketplace Superheroes offer a 100% money-back 30-day guarantee.

Are there any alternatives to Marketplace Superheroes? A good alternative to consider is the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). It is more expensive but is probably the best Amazon private label seller course.

You can take a look at ASM here: Amazing Selling Machine.

We have a review of our best-rated Amazon courses here – Top 6 Best Amazon FBA Courses For 2021.

Marketplace Superheroes Ignite Course Review

What’s Included in the Marketplace Superheroes Course?

When you join MPSH, you get access to the ‘Marketplace Superheroes University’, which contains all their training videos and the MPSH Core 2.0 Program.

Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 Program

The Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 Program is completed in two phases;

PHASE ONEMindset & Research comprises 6 modules and 45 videos.

PHASE TWOImporting & Logistics contains 6 modules and 51 videos.

  • Module 1: The Marketplace Mindset
  • Module 2: The 4s Product Gauntlet: Search Phase
  • Module 3: The 4s Product Gauntlet: Shortlist Phase
  • Module 4: The 4s Product Gauntlet: Select Phase (Part 1)
  • Module 5: The 4s Product Gauntlet: Select Phase (Part 2)
  • Module 6: The 4s Product Gauntlet: Source Phase
  • Module 7: Business Structure & Seller Central
  • Module 8: Purchasing & Importing
  • Module 9: The FBA Road Map
  • Module 10: Listing Optimization
  • Module 11: Account Management
  • Module 12: International Expansion

The Core 2.0 Program is broken down into 12 training modules, with each module containing 5-10 step-by-step videos.

These 12 modules, with over 100 videos, provide in-depth, comprehensive training in how to set up a successful Amazon FBA business.

MPSH teaches their two core strategies, which are Product Selection and International Expansion.

4S Product Finder Software – You get lifetime access to their Chrome Extension tool that will help you choose the best products to sell on Amazon.

4S Product Finder is simple to use and helps filter and shortlist potential products. It also calculates potential profits with the click of a button.

Marketplace Superheroes Facebook Community Group

The MPSH Facebook Mastermind – You will get lifetime access to the MPSH Facebook Mastermind group. There are over 6,500 members asking questions and helping students.

You also get direct help from coaches and mentors, including Robert and Stephen. I am currently a member and it is a friendly, lively and genuinely helpful group.

Fuel Your Empire Series – Watch as Robert & Stephen demonstrate how you can find profitable products over and over again. You just need to repeat their steps.

Marketplace Superheroes Bonuses

Marketplace Superheroes Training Bonuses

BONUS: SuperHero Journey – You can watch an entire 6-month case study where an Amazon newbie started his business from scratch and achieved success.

BONUS: Map The Market – Watch over the shoulder step-by-step demonstrations of how you should choose perfect profitable products.

They repeat this for many different markets so show you how to spread globally.

BONUS: Multi-Day Elite Bootcamp Watch an entire 6-day live event Bootcamp that was recorded in Ireland. People paid over $3,000 to attend this event.

BONUS: 100 Product Ideas In 7 Days – Watch Robert find product idea after product idea and you can follow along and get almost instant results.

This training will help you find 100 product ideas in under 7 days.

BONUS: MPSH Partnership – MPSH shows you how you can recoup your course fee within 30 days by partnering with Marketplace Superheroes.

Marketplace Superheroes vs Amazing Selling Machine

Marketplace Superheroes vs Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine is the gold standard in Amazon training. However, this is reflected in the price tag of $4997.

If you can afford ASM, then it may be worth taking a look at it and we have a full review here.

It may not be quite as established as Amazing Selling Machine, but I would say that Marketplace Superheroes has everything you need to grow a successful Amazon business.

MPSH’s is also a quarter of the price of Amazing Selling Machine at just $997 and so will leave you with more funds to invest in products and marketing.

How Do Amazon Sellers Rate Marketplace Superheroes?

MPSH Success Stories
Watch Marketplace Superheroes Testimonials and Success Stories

So far, we have only had positive feedback from our Facebook Group members and followers about the Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 Program.

Marketplace Superheroes Course Reviews

For more inspiration for starting your Amazon business, watch the Marketplace Superheroes’ success stories here: Student Success Stories

Pros and Cons of Marketplace Superheroes

-You can test out MPSH with a 7-day free trial.
-They focus on building a global business.
-It’s better value for money than most similar Amazon courses which can cost $2-6000.
-All the sourcing tools you need are included.
-It also caters to Amazon sellers based outside the US.

Room for improvement
-The amount of content can be quite overwhelming and you may have to watch some videos more than once to really understand the concepts.
-There is no one-to-one mentoring included – however, this is understandable at this low price.

Is Marketplace Superheroes Worth It?

Marketplace Superheroes comes top of our ‘Top 6 Best Amazon FBA Courses For 2021‘ list for a reason. It has that rare combination of low price and high-quality content.

MPSH has everything you need to build a solid income with Amazon FBA.

You can tell that Robert and Stephen are the genuine article and are passionate about their training. They keep the course up to date and offer great support.

There really are very few negatives.

We wholeheartedly recommend anyone wanting to build an Amazon FBA business to invest in Marketplace Superheroes.

If you are still unsure, you can sign up for their 7-day free trial or watch their free training videos.

VIEW NOW: Marketplace Superheroes Free Amazon Training

Let me know your thoughts on different Amazon courses in the comments below.

Good luck and Happy Selling!

James 🙂

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