Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate Wholesale Review

Are you trying to find the best Amazon wholesale training and want to know if Accelerate Wholesale is the right course for you? Well then, keep on reading.

In our Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate review, we will look at what’s included, the Accelerated Wholesale Model, whether it’s the best course for you, and what alternatives are available.

Building a successful Amazon FBA business can take a lot of time and money. If you have some previous experience with running an online business, the skills you’ve learned should give you a solid base to work from. However, running a business on Amazon, specifically using the wholesale method, requires particular knowledge and strategies to make it work.

With Amazon arbitrage and private label getting more risky and competitive, more sellers are turning to Amazon Wholesale. If you want to be 100% prepared for launching products through using wholesale sourcing, we feel Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate is one of the best and most affordable training programs.

So, let’s dive in and look at how you can use the Accelerate training to build your Amazon wholesaling empire…

So why should you listen to me? My name is James, and I have been selling on Amazon for over 15 years, clocking up over $10,000,000 in sales. I also run an Amazon seller community with over 35,000 members where I offer help and advice!

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Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate Review
Accelerate Wholesale Review – Key Facts
📣 AboutAn 8-module training program specifically for selling wholesale on Amazon.
👩‍🎓 Who’s it forBeginners or experienced sellers anywhere in the world.
💰 Price$495 or three payments of $195.
🔥 DiscountThere is currently no discount available.
💱 Refund Policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
😍 ProsIn-depth, highly rated wholesale training with 3 pricing options to choose from.
😞 Cons1-1 coaching is only available on more expensive pricing options.
🏆 VerdictOne of the best Amazon wholesale courses available at a low price.
🌍 WebsiteMarketplace Superheroes Accelerate Wholesale

MPSH Accelerate Rating

What is Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate?

🚀 Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate has been created in collaboration with Amazon wholesale expert Mike Sieben from Elite Wholesale. The training course is designed to teach students all they need to know about selling wholesale on Amazon.

Mike Sieben, Stephen Somers, and Robert Rickey have a combined selling experience of over 40 years, and this really sets their Amazon wholesale course apart from the alternatives.

Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate Mike Sieben & Stephen Somers

Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey at Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) have created many successful Amazon courses, including ‘Ignite’, which is currently top of our best-rated Amazon course chart.

“… probably the fastest way to grow an income stream through Amazon with minimal risk…”

Accelerate Wholesale was created after the original Marketplace Superheroes Ignite program. The main difference between these two courses is that Marketplace Superheroes Ignite is for sellers who design and manufacture their own products, which is often referred to as ‘private label’. Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate focuses purely on how to buy proven and established products from wholesalers to resell on Amazon FBA.

Based on the Accelerated Wholesale Model, this program is easy-to-follow while also providing you with a considerable amount of detail. Even though Accelerate Wholesale was only launched recently, it has already become a popular option with many successful students.

This model is probably the fastest way to grow an income stream through Amazon with minimal risk or investment. As we have mentioned many times, we now make a considerable share of our Amazon income from wholesale and recommend this model.

Mike Sieben and Stephen Somers will provide you with a six-step plan on how to make as much as $225 every hour by selling products that are already proven on Amazon. The goal is to find products that have low competition yet have high demand.

This gives you a unique opportunity to provide customers with what they’re looking for without needing to spend a considerable amount of money to design and manufacture your own unique products from scratch.

Even if you have never created a business before, the Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate program should give you the tools you need to build a successful Amazon FBA wholesale business.

Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate Course

What’s Included in the Accelerate Wholesale Course?

Now that you know what this course is generally about, let’s look at the features, tools, and services in more detail. Before you consider signing up for Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate, you should know that there are three separate programs available to you, which include Turbo, Dynamo, and Nitro.

 ✔ Accelerate Turbo:

  • The complete Accelerate system covering every facet of the Accelerated Wholesale Model.
  • Eight module breakdown sessions, which include pre-recorded question-and-answer sessions.
  • Access to the Accelerate Mastermind Facebook community where you can interact with other Wholesale Heroes.
  • Software SuperSpeed Toolkit.
  • Accelerate Accountability Blueprint.

💰 Turbo Price – $495 or three payments of $195 – Get Started Today>>

 ✔ Accelerate Dynamo: 

  • Every feature available in the Turbo package.
  • “Ask Us Anything” sessions, which are available twice a month for the initial three months of your membership.
  • Accelerate Graduation Workshop.
  • Supplier Script Shortcut Vault.
  • Wholesale Template Tank.
  • Soar with the Legal Eagle, which gives you info on how to safeguard your sales and protect your assets.
  • Advanced PPC Ads Workshop.
  • Limited edition Accelerate merchandise.

 💰 Dynamo Price – $995 or three payments of $395 – Get Started Today>>

 ✔ Accelerate Nitro: 

  • Everything available in the Turbo and Dynamo packages.
  • Nitro Mastermind sessions, which take place once per week for the first three months of membership.
  • Three months of access to the Lightspeed Lounge.
  • Instant Acceleration 1-1 Session.
  • In-depth Secret Supplier Clinic.
  • Mine-and-Refine Methodology.
  • ASD Accelerate Meet-Up.

 💰 Nitro Price – $1,995 or three payments of $695 – Get Started Today>>

Marketplace Superheroes Accelerated Wholesale Model

MPSH Accelerate Wholesale Bonuses

Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate is divided into three separate levels of features, with each level adding more bonuses and content. At the Turbo level, you gain a base set of features at a relatively affordable price of $495. If you want access to more bonus features or services, you must purchase one of the higher tiers, either Dynamo or Nitro.

MPSH Accelerate Dynamo Bonuses

Let’s say that you decide to purchase the Dynamo package. This package offers all of the features of the Turbo package, along with these extra bonuses that will help improve your chances of success:

🟢 The “Ask Us Anything” Sessions will allow you to have your questions answered by a dedicated wholesale coaching team, which can be the difference between stagnating or growing your business.

🟢 The Accelerate Graduation Workshop is extremely beneficial, allowing you to view the Accelerated Model in the last stages of the program. You’ll be shown in real-time how to source the best products using the right tools and strategies.

🟢 The Supplier Script Shortcut Vault that Dynamo members gain access to involves a set of scripts on how to perform negotiations and be a better communicator when speaking with current retailers or wholesale suppliers. 

🟢 The Advanced PPC Ads Workshop is another great bonus for Dynamo users. This workshop will show you how to stretch your existing budget and make additional sales with an ad strategy that centers around cost-effective marketing methods.

 💰 Dynamo Price – $995 or three payments of $395 – Get Started Today>>

MPSH Accelerate Nitro Bonuses

There is also a set of bonuses that only Nitro members will receive in addition to all the features included in the Turbo and Dynamo packages.

🟢 The Nitro Mastermind Sessions allow Nitro members to attend group coaching sessions with Mike Sieben and his team of experts once per week. You will have the opportunity to ask questions that will help you run your own wholesale business. This is basically top-level wholesale coaching that would usually cost over $3000 alone.

🟢 The Lightspeed Lounge is a Nitro exclusive service that provides members with priority access to Mike and his Accelerate team through a Slack community. If you ever need detailed answers about a problem you’re having, you can access this community at any time. However, the Lightspeed Lounge is only available for your first three months of membership. 

🟢 Instant Acceleration 1-1 Session. This coaching session allows you to speak directly with a wholesale coach about your specific business and products. If you want to know how to grow your income stream or take the next steps, this is a great opportunity to do so.

🟢 The Secret Supplier Clinic is another must-have bonus that shows you how to negotiate with wholesalers. Keep in mind that this clinic is taught by wholesale pros. Once you’ve completed this session, you should know how to negotiate and communicate with any retailer or supplier you source your products from. 

🟢 The ASD Accelerate Meet-Up feature gives you a close look at various high-margin products that can increase your profits and garner interest from potential customers. These products are displayed within the ASD Trade Show. While the Live event is ongoing, you’ll be given the opportunity to attend breakout and question-and-answer sessions with Mike.

 💰 Nitro Price – $1,995 or three payments of $695 – Get Started Today>>

Accelerate Wholesale Course Alternatives

The Wholesale Formula is probably the main alternative to MPSH Accelerate. They teach very similar methods, but The Wholesale Formula is more expensive at $2997 and is also only open to new students for about 3 weeks a year.

Another alternative is the Proven Amazon Course from Jim Cockrum, which includes a module for wholesale. The level of detail and focus on the wholesale model doesn’t come anywhere close to what you get with Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate.

We would still recommend Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate overall for depth and value for money.

Pros And Cons Of Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate

😍 Positives
-Low entry-level cost of just $495.
-Focus is completely on the wholesale model.
-It’s better value for money than alternatives which cost $2500 or more.
-Caters to Amazon sellers based outside the USA.

🤷‍♂️ Room for improvement
-1-1 coaching is only available in the more expensive Nitro package.

Accelerate Wholesale Testimonials

The feedback so far for Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate is very positive. All their previous courses have been extremely popular and have had the highest feedback ratings from students and we don’t expect their ‘Accelerated Wholesale Model’ to be any different. Here are some reviews from students so far:

“Really enjoyed the course. Simple to digest and straight to the point, just how any good course should be. Mike covers all of the fundamentals and holds your hand as you progress with each module. This course welcomes everyone no matter what your experience level is.”


“I liked this course a lot… He covers all the necessary basics  for a beginner… It’s not only the videos in the course that make understanding easier, but also comes with a community platform for (continued) interaction.”


“Thank you to Mike Sieben for being up to date and transparent with all the information on wholesaling. I took another course but was still unsure on what to do but Accelerate made it more clear on how and what you need to do to get your first (supplier) accounts. Thanks for your help!”


“I am grateful to Mike Sieben for his guidance and the Elite Wholesale Course that helped me connect the missing pieces that I needed to … kick start my FBA Business… With Mikes short, simple, and to-the-point course, I was able to boost my business within a week. Mike has been a great one on one coach always there to answer any question I have had.”


Is Accelerate Wholesale Worth It?

Marketplace Superheroes Ignite is already considered by most to be among the best FBA courses Amazon sellers can buy. The price is low, but the quality of the content is excellent. The same is true with the Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate wholesale training. Given that Stephen Somers is involved with both of these courses, you can expect a similar high level of detail and support.

“If you’re attempting to build a strong business with Amazon Wholesale, investing in this course is likely the best choice.”

The program covers every aspect of what it takes to launch your initial products with Amazon Wholesale. You can buy these products without taking on high upfront inventory costs, importing from China, or waiting months to make your first sales. 

Once you start the course, you will be shown step-by-step how to build and grow a stable income stream through Amazon. The Accelerate course is also kept up to date and an extensive amount of customer support is available to assist you with any issue you might have.

With three separate packages to select from, you can choose the membership level that’s right for you and your Amazon business.

If you’re attempting to build a strong business with Amazon Wholesale, investing in this course is likely to be the best choice.

Accelerate Wholesale Overall Rating
Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate Logo

Product Name: Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate

Product Description: Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate Wholesale is an 8 module online training program teaching you how to sell wholesale on Amazon.

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Final Verdict

Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate is our recommended Amazon wholesale course. The ‘Accelerated Wholesale Model’ teaches everything you need to succeed on Amazon and the course offers amazing value for money.


✅ Low entry-level cost of just $495.
✅ Focus is completely on the wholesale model.
✅ It’s better value for money than alternatives which cost $2000 or more.
✅ Caters to Amazon sellers based outside the USA.


❌ 1-1 coaching only available in the more expensive Nitro package.

Let me know your thoughts on our Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate review, or any other Amazon courses, in the comments below.

Good luck & Happy Selling!

James 👨

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