How to get Ungated in Amazon restricted categories

You will find that some Amazon categories are restricted for new sellers. Sellers will need to get approved by Amazon in order to sell products in these categories. There are a lot of benefits to getting ungated so if you want to expand your Amazon FBA business you should consider starting the approval process. The harsh reality is that most of the best categories with the biggest opportunities are gated for new sellers.

Ungating – this is the process of getting approval to sell in Amazon restricted categories


Amazon USA Category Restrictions

Amazon USA Category Restrictions

So, what are the advantages of getting ungated on Amazon?

There will be LESS competition in the gated categories and therefore MORE opportunities for sourcing GREAT DEALS. It also means you will avoid any new rules and regulations as Amazon continues to make things more difficult. In gated categories, you tend to get more experienced sellers. This means less inexperienced penny pinchers constantly undercutting prices in a race to the bottom. Amazon sellers usually find their ROI (return on investment) is much higher once you are selling in gated categories.

E-commerce is growing and therefore there is a MASSIVE business opportunity to be had by those who see the potential. It will never be EASIER – Amazon are adding more rules and regulations all the time so we recommend you do it now whilst it is as EASY as it is ever going to be.

Requirements for getting approval in restricted categories

Before you start your ungating journey, you need to ensure your seller account meets some of Amazon’s minimum requirements.

Professional Amazon Seller Account.

A knowledge of good genuine wholesalers and not cash and carry firms.

Invoices correctly addressed to your Seller Account name and registered address and dated within the last 90 days, although our recommendation is to use very recent invoices.

You must be able to provide a return delivery address in the local country (Amazon provide this if you’re doing FBA).

You must be able to provide local language support for customer service in the country in which you wish to sell (got to love Google Translate 😊).

Good Seller Metrics.


15 top tips to get ungated on Amazon

15 top tips for getting ungated on Amazon!

(1) Use a proper wholesaler and not a cash and carry, clearance or liquidation site.

(2) Look at getting ungated as a totally separate process to selling in a gated category. Getting ungated is essentially a tick box exercise so make sure you tick all the boxes.

(3) Don’t use your Private Label products for the ungating application – use local wholesalers instead. Once ungated you can then sell your Private Label product in that category.

(4) Always ensure your chosen wholesaler’s product has a matching ASIN on Amazon available to purchase.

(5) Always ensure your chosen ungating ASINs are categorized correctly just for the category you are trying to ungate. Make sure they don’t also appear in a non-gated category or your application is more likely to fail.

(6) Choose products for the ungating process that you can use at home, easily sell on eBay or quickly sell on Amazon. You are not trying to make a profit on these items. The items you buy for ungating do not need to be sent in and sold on Amazon.

(7) Find a wholesaler with a range of products that will allow you to ungate more than one category so you can save on delivery charges.

(8) Don’t try and do it ‘on the cheap’ – do it properly to give yourself the best chance of success. The benefits are huge so it is worth doing it right.

(9) Make it as EASY as possible for the Amazon representative rather than as EASY as possible for YOU! Make your application FANTASTIC and give them every reason to say YES!

(10) Ensure your invoices are within 90 days and ideally even more recent.

(11) Do not use hand written invoices and make sure the details match the exact name and address on your Seller Account.

(12) Buy enough products to satisfy the requirements for your chosen category. If anything you should get more than required.

(13) Once you’ve chosen your wholesaler, contact Amazon and check they are accepted before you buy any products. Amazon won’t give you a list of wholesalers to use, but they will usually say YES or NO to a particular wholesaler if asked.

(14) Getting ungated can be a GAME CHANGER for your business and the process can be either SUPER EASY, REALLY CHALLENGING or anything in between – don’t give up and just keep jumping through whatever hoops Amazon puts in your way…

(15) Check sub categories every month by going to ‘Inventory>Add a Product’ then entering the title or an ASIN from that category. As your seller account gets more established you might find you can get more sub categories auto-approved.

We wish you every SUCCESS in getting yourself ungated and unlocking the possibilities available to Amazon Sellers.

Amazon is a GREAT platform for selling and the more products you can SELL, the more MONEY you can make!


approved in Amazon restricted categories

The next steps in getting ungated

For a lot of sellers, time will be in short supply and they may prefer to have all the information given to them so they can focus on selling and making money. They may be keen to get ungated as EASILY and QUICKLY as possible.

Getting Amazon Categories Ungated

GetUngated offer two great options for getting YOU ungated.

A 15 module video course that literally holds your hand EVERY STEP of the way with screenshots of where to click and what to type, and BEST OF ALL! – they GIVE YOU wholesaler details for every popular category included in the course! – This is GOLD and a real time saver!

They also offer a personalised service where they do EVERYTHING for you and even talk you through the application LIVE in your Amazon Seller Central account. Their Personalised Service even comes with a 100% money back guarantee. A 100% money back guarantee and a 100% success rate – it doesn’t get better than that!

Check out both options here: GetUngated Services

Good luck and best wishes with your ungating projects 😊

About the Author

Karen SummerKaren Summer is the leading Amazon Ungating Expert and the founder of GetUngated. She has been ungating people from around the world on both and and has worked with clients in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia. Karen also runs her own Amazon business and recently quit her 9-5 job to focus on building the GetUngated brand and contribute her ungating expertise to the Amazon community.


  1. By Ian Posted on February 24, 2018

    Hi Karen,

    Quick question. I noticed your point about apparel having ungated approval in the UK. Does that mean that I could sell US gated brands like Calvin Klein if I buy from retail suppliers, not authorized wholesale suppliers, without running any risk of being suspended or shutdown?

    Great article by the way!


    • By The Selling Guy Posted on February 24, 2018

      Hi Ian – in theory – but even though you have category approval a lot of brands will still require ‘brand approval’ Calvin Klien and other designer brands will most certainly need this. This would involve 1 purchase invoice for products from a manufacturer or distributor with at least 10 units. This will be difficult to get.

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