Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which is Best in 2024?

Running a business takes a considerable amount of knowledge, skill, and understanding of how different marketplaces work.

If you plan to sell on Amazon, it’s essential your product appeals to the target audience.

Selling on Amazon FBA has become increasingly popular, which means you will need to compete with thousands of other sellers. Many sellers find this overwhelming.

To have the confidence to invest your time and hard-earned money into launching a new product on Amazon, it’s become increasingly important to have the right tools for the job.

Of the many tools at your disposal, Helium 10 and Jungle Scout have proven to be the two most popular for Amazon private label sellers.

Both tools help you find and launch products, improve your monthly sales, perform listing optimization, and manage your inventory.

But which one is the best?

Short on time? Then jump straight to our verdict: Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Final Verdict.

Keep reading our comprehensive breakdown of Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 to find out which one you should invest in…

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Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout Discount Codes

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What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

🚀 Helium 10 has now established itself as the main rival to Jungle Scout.

“The team at Helium 10 are constantly adding new tools…”

When Helium 10 was first released around five years ago, it provided users with 10 tools that assisted with everything from PPC advertising to product research.

Since then, Helium 10 has continued to develop and now boasts well over 20 tools for Amazon sellers.

The team at Helium 10 are constantly adding new tools and innovations to keep pace with Amazon changes and stay ahead of Jungle Scout.

Today, Helium 10 offers the ability to analyze your competition, optimize product listings, locate high-ranking keywords, identify current trends in the market, and much more.

What is Jungle Scout?

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout Seller Tools

🚀 Jungle Scout is the original king of Amazon research tools that has helped thousands of sellers find and then launch winning products.

Along with Helium 10, Jungle Scout is by far the most popular piece of software for Amazon FBA sellers.

“… will help you identify if the product will be successful before you heavily invest.”

While the product research functionality available with Jungle Scout is the main reason the tool has become so popular, users also benefit from product tracking, inventory management, a sales estimator, and supplier sourcing.

As you can see, both tools share a lot of the same core features, but pricing is often a deciding factor if you want to keep your monthly outgoing to a minimum.

So how does the Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout pricing compare?

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Helium 10 Pricing

There are essentially five Helium 10 plans to select from, from the free plan to the $399 Elite plan. 

1. Helium 10 Free Plan

The Free Plan is completely free to use indefinitely, which we think makes more sense than a time-limited trial.

When you sign up for this plan, you can test out most of the Helium 10 tools for free, but functionality is limited. For instance, Black Box can only be used 20 times and features like Magnet and Cerebro are only available twice every day.

💰 Free Plan: $0Get Started Today>>

2. Helium 10 Starter Plan: $39 per month

The Helium Starter plan provides a lot more functionality than the free plan and can be purchased for just $39 per month.

The starter plan also includes the highly rated Helium 10 Freedom Ticket course, which is worth about $999. You can also use the Xray feature for unlimited product launches.

To break it down, you can look at it as either getting a free $999 Amazon course or paying just $468 for the Amazon course and getting to use the tools for free.

💰 Starter Plan: $39 per monthGet Started Today>>

🤩 Discount Code: Get 10% off every month of the Starter Plan using code ‘TSG10‘ – Click here to get the 10% discount.

3. Helium 10 Platinum Plan: $99 per month

The Helium 10 Platinum plan is priced at $99 per month and is currently the most popular choice. Tools like Black Box, Trendster, Magnet, and Cerebro are now available without limitations.

You’ll also be able to use the Index Checker and Listing Analyzer far more often than people with the Free or Starter plans. The Freedom Ticket Amazon course is also included.

This is the plan we would recommend for most sellers, as it includes all the tools you need and also a high-quality course to get you started.

💰 Platinum Plan: $99 per month.

🤩 Discount Code: Get 20% off your first 6 months of the Platinum Plan using code ‘TSG20’Click here to get the 20% discount.

4. Helium 10 Diamond Plan: $279 per month

At $279 per month, the Diamond plan is available for businesses with two or three users, as it comes with multi-user logins.

While email automation is provided with the Platinum plan, only 2000 emails are sent out every month. This limit is increased to 10,000 with the Diamond plan.

💰 Diamond Plan: $279 per month.

🤩 Discount Code: Get 20% off your first 6 months of the Diamond Plan using code ‘TSG20’Click here to get the 20% discount.

5. Helium 10 Elite Plan $399 per month

The Elite plan is the highest-tier plan you can select with Helium 10 and is priced at $399 per month.

Along with many other benefits, you’ll gain access to monthly live training from Amazon experts and quarterly in-person workshops.

However, because of its popularity and limited spaces, you sometimes need to join a waiting list before joining.

Almost all Helium functionality is expanded with the Elite plan. For instance, email automation now takes care of 50,000 email follow-ups every month.

💰 Elite Plan: $399 per month – Get Started Today>>

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10: Jungle Scout Pricing

The Jungle Scout pricing is more straightforward when compared to Helium 10. There are four plans to choose from: Basic, Suite, Professional, and the Freedom Builder Master Bundle.

1. The Basic Plan: $29 per month

The Basic plan gives you access to the Chrome extension and allows you to track up to 20 products. However, features like Product Database and Keyword Scout are limited to three searches per day.

💰 The Basic Plan: $29 per month.Get Started Today>>

2. The Suite Plan: $49 per month

The Suite plan is the most popular option for Jungle Scout and is priced at $49 per month.

Along with the basic features, you will also receive review automation, advanced seller features, the ability to add extra users, and more detailed analytics. The Rank Tracker feature now allows you to track up to 3,500 keywords. 

💰 The Suite Plan: $49 per month.

🤩 Discount Code: Get the Suite Plan for just $37 per monthClick here for the latest discount.

3. The Professional Plan: $84 per month

The Professional plan is available for $84 per month and is designed specifically to accommodate larger Amazon FBA businesses.

You’ll be given access to every feature in the Suite plan and additional features like tracking of 1,000 ASINs, six users, two years of keyword data, and priority onboarding.

While the Suite plan only allows 150 products to be tracked at a time, the Professional plan expands this functionality to 1,000 products.

💰 The Professional Plan: $84 per month.

🤩 Discount Code: Get the Professional Plan for just $54 per monthClick here for the latest discount.

4. Freedom Builder Master Bundle Plan: $84 per month

This includes the Jungle Scout Freedom Builder Bootcamp Amazon Course worth $1499, 12 months of the Professional Plan, and also VIP customer support.

🤩 Discount Code: Get the Master Bundle for just $84 per monthClick here for the latest discount.

Jungle Scout is slightly cheaper for the basic package, but they are very similar prices for the mid to top-tier packages. Also, Helium 10 offers its free plan for new users. Are the Helium 10 extra features worth it? (we think they are).

Let’s take a look at what both tools have to offer…

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Helium 10 Features

There are many tools unique to Helium 10 that you’ll gain access to, including Magnet, Refund Genie, and Hijacker Alerts.

Before you purchase a Helium 10 subscription, you should work out which features you are likely to get day-to-day value from.

Let’s look at the main Helium 10 features…

Helium 10 Product Research Tools

✔ Black Box

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Helium 10 Black Box
Helium 10 Black Box

Helium 10 Black Box is an Amazon product research tool that provides users with an exhaustive product database of over 450 million items.

You can use different smart filters to narrow down the type of products you’re searching for. With this tool, product research becomes considerably easier to get to grips with.

The database can give you the inspiration you need to identify great product ideas based on a specific niche, competitor sales, or customer demand.

✔ Trendster

Trendster is another Helium 10 product research tool that allows you to view fluctuations in market demand and recent sales trends.

This information is displayed in sleek and stylish graphs that are easy to understand for people who prefer visualizing information. Once you enter any product ASIN, you’ll see results instantly.

✔ Xray

Helium 10 Xray Tool

Xray is another feature that can be found in the Chrome extension that Helium provides to users for free.

When you search for a product with this tool, you’ll be given niche sales data that makes it easier for you to identify winning products.

✔ Profitability Calculator

Helium 10 Profitability Calculator

The profitability calculator is available via the Helium 10 Chrome extension. From this extension, you can identify how much profit you will actually make from any product, after deducting Amazon fees and your costs.

The calculator will also take storage fees and shipping rates into account when providing you with a precise picture of your profit margins and ROI. 

Helium 10 Keyword Research Tools

✔ Magnet

Helium 10 Magnet is a keyword research tool that allows you to discover highly relevant high-volume keywords. Even with the free Helium plan, you’ll be able to perform two Magnet keyword searches per day.

This Helium keyword research feature contains a vast database of Amazon search terms and long-tail keywords that could help you increase the visibility of your products.

Once you enter a keyword into the search bar, you’ll be given a lengthy list of the best keywords that relate to your search term.

✔ Cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro

Cerebro is another feature that can help you strengthen your keyword research efforts.

One of the major benefits of using Cerebro is that it offers a reverse ASIN lookup feature, which allows you to research other products that are similar to yours.

Cerebro will then provide you with a list of high-ranking keyword phrases that can be found in any Amazon listing.

With Cerebro, you can gain valuable insight into your competitor’s keyword strategy.

✔ Keyword Tracker

The Helium 10 keyword tracker allows you to track anywhere from twenty to thousands of keywords depending on the plan you choose.

Any keyword you select for this tool can be monitored in real-time from a single dashboard, which gives you instant insights into how your keywords are currently performing and if any changes need to be made.

✔ Misspellinator

This is a simple yet effective tool that allows you to identify Amazon keywords that are regularly searched for but also often misspelled.

These search terms won’t have much competition and may provide you with a great opportunity. Once you’ve extracted any misspelled keywords, you can identify how often these keywords are searched for on Amazon.

Helium 10 Listing Optimization Tools

✔ Index Checker

Index Checker is a great tool that allows you to see if your products are displaying in the search results for the keywords you are targeting. With this tool, you can better understand which keywords are performing poorly and which ones are profitable.

✔ Frankenstein

One of the numerous listing optimization tools at your disposal is Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is a keyword processor that cleans up your keyword research list to effectively whittle down thousands of keywords into a more manageable shortlist.

✔ Scribbles

When you want to perform listing optimization, Scribbles can be a very useful feature. It will tell you if you have the right keywords in your product listing and give you a list of words that you might have left out.

Helium 10 Management Tools

✔ Refund Genie

Refund Genie is a great tool that allows you to get your money back quickly by essentially automating the FBA reimbursement process for any damaged or lost inventory.

The Amazon reimbursement process can be a real nightmare. By having this process automated, you can spend your time on far more important, less stress-inducing parts of your business. 

✔ Profits

The Profits feature available in the Helium software provides you with extensive analytics that measures the profitability of your products, which can prove invaluable when you’re trying to determine how to grow your Amazon business.

You’ll be able to view gross profits, net revenue, and sales trends. Helium 10 Profits also offers some basic inventory management functionality. 

✔ Review Export

This feature allows you to download reviews from competitors’ products. You can see what customers liked and the reasons for any bad reviews. This information can help you improve your product and avoid negative feedback.

✔ ASIN Grabber

You can use this tool to copy ASINs in bulk, which will allow you to create targeted ads much more efficiently. It’s also possible to use this data to locate products that sell well during a specific season or period of the year. 

So now we know Helium 10 has an impressive range of tools included, so let’s turn our attention to Jungle Scout and see what it can offer to Amazon sellers…

Click here to read our in-depth Helium 10 review

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout Features

Jungle Scout is mainly a product sourcing and research tool. Over the past few years, however, it has added extra functionality to help users launch new products and grow their Amazon business.

Let’s dive into the key features Jungle Scout has to offer.

✔ FBA Profit Calculator

The FBA profit calculator available in Jungle Scout allows you to estimate the seller fees and investment costs for a specific product. This tool can help you identify if the product is likely to be viable before you invest in manufacturing.

We think it’s best to pair the Profit Calculator with the Jungle Scout Estimator tool to identify the likely average monthly sales for your product.

✔ Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout Tool

Keyword Scout can identify which keywords are in a competitor’s product listing. By understanding which keywords rival products rank for, you should be able to use the best keywords in your new product listing.

Once you’ve placed keywords into your listing and have launched your product, make sure that you use the Jungle Scout Rank Tracker to identify how well your keywords are performing.

You can also use the Listing Builder to further optimize your listings with proven keywords.

✔ Jungle Scout Launch

Jungle Scout Launch helps Amazon sellers perform more effective product launches. The primary components of this tool include email campaigns and product promotions.

Once you’ve taken advantage of the Jungle Scout Launch feature, make sure to use the Product Tracker tool to determine if your products are performing well.

✔ Supplier Database

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10
: Supplier Database Tool

This is a unique feature with Jungle Scout that allows you to find global suppliers that the most popular brands on Amazon do business with.

You can also find out which factory certain products are being manufactured in, so you can then contact the manufacturer for quotes.

✔ Opportunity Finder

The Opportunity Finder feature makes it easier for you to spot profitable product niches. You can discover these opportunities by directly searching for low-competition, high-demand keywords.

✔ Sales Analytics

This tool is essentially a financial command center that allows you to view your profits, assess the health of your company, and keep track of any Amazon fees you have been charged.

✔ Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Jungle Scout Chrome Browser Extension gives you the opportunity to manage large parts of your Amazon business directly on Amazon product pages or your Seller Central dashboard.

You can research product ideas, get on-page ‘Opportunity Scores’, get an overview of your sales, request customer reviews, and more. This makes running your Amazon business a lot easier.

✔ Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager feature automates many management tasks by helping you predict the amount of stock that you’ll need in the future.

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 Feature Comparison

The keyword and product research tools are practically the same when you compare Jungle Scout and Helium 10. They have different names but essentially provide similar functionality.

Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout allow you to track profitability information, sales volume, potential products, and review keyword data.

Each piece of software provides users with useful Chrome extensions as well.

I think to get a clearer picture, we need to look at which features are included in one tool but missing from the other.

So let’s break it down…

Features that Helium 10 Has that Jungle Scout Doesn’t

Sales Dashboard – You can view your business performance and product performance in a single dashboard. While this feature isn’t available in Jungle Scout, it should be added in the near future.

Refund Genie – It can be difficult to get reimbursements from Amazon for lost or damaged products. Refund Genie automates the reimbursement process and more accurately identifies any errors that Amazon has made.

We have found this tool alone can get you enough in refunds to cover the monthly costs of the software, so this is a big advantage for Helium 10.

Hijacker Alerts – If your product title has been changed, or there is a hijacker on your listing, you will be alerted immediately. This is another unique and valuable tool in the Helium 10 corner.

So does Jungle Scout have any unique features to offer?

Features that Jungle Scout Has that Helium 10 Doesn’t

Giveaway Strategy – If you want to bolster your product launch with giveaways and other launch strategies, Jungle Scout excels in this area. We have found Jungle Scout can be better than Helium 10 for launching a new product.

Supplier Database – This database contains comprehensive information about the suppliers which have been used by other FBA sellers. New sellers often struggle with ordering from Chinese manufacturers, damaging the business before it starts, so this is a big plus.

Helium 10 Pros and Cons

😍 The benefits of Helium include:

  • All-in-one Amazon FBA tool that can help you grow.
  • Free, highly rated Amazon training included.
  • More features when compared to Jungle Scout.
  • Access to high-value workshops, mentoring, and networking.
  • Inventory Protector allows you to properly manage your inventory.
  • New dedicated Mobile App.

🤷‍♂️ Some issues with Helium 10:

  • Costs slightly more than Jungle Scout.
  • Can be difficult to master.

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons

😍 Advantages of Jungle Scout:

  • Very affordable and user-friendly interface.
  • Best-in-class product selection tool.
  • Access to the Jungle Scout Academy.
  • Fantastic Supplier Database tool.
  • Great for product launches.

🤷‍♂️ A few drawbacks of using Jungle Scout:

  • Does not offer as many features as Helium 10.
  • Missing equivalents to Refund Genie and Hijacker Alerts.
  • The Chrome extension costs more.
  • Limited functionality aside from product sourcing and selection.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Final Verdict

When you’re comparing Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout, both platforms provide users with nearly all the features required to run a successful Amazon business.

If you want the Amazon FBA reimbursement process to be handled efficiently, and hijackers kept off your listings, Helium 10 may be the right tool for you.

Helium 10 also seems to be quicker at keeping pace with Amazon changes and adding new features. For example, they have just added a new PPC automation tool called Adtomic, as well as a slick mobile app.

On the other hand, Jungle Scout is great for launching products and provides users with a Supplier Database tool that makes it considerably easier to get your product made and delivered.

The choice is ultimately up to you, but having used both tools extensively, we would say Helium 10 now has the edge over Jungle Scout.

🏆 Overall Winner: Helium 10

🥈 Runner Up: Jungle Scout

Let me know your thoughts on our Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 review in the comments below and if you have any questions, please drop me a message.

Good Luck & Happy Selling

James 👨

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