Helium 10 Review 2024 (Still Worth It?)

If you want to make money on Amazon, you need the right tools.

Selling on Amazon can be a lot more profitable than eBay or Shopify, but it’s also become more competitive.

Even if you have a great product, it no longer guarantees success. You will now need high-quality research, listing, and marketing tools to get your product to the top of the Amazon search results.

The rewards can be huge, but FBA sellers will need the right tools to pick a perfect product, buy it from the right supplier, optimize listings, and then manage the day-to-day business.

Helium 10 is now one of the most popular Amazon tools available to make this happen.

In our deep dive Helium 10 review, we will answer the following questions for you:

  • Is Helium 10 better than Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, ZonGuru, and AMZScout?
  • Is Helium 10 worth investing in?
  • Is the Helium 10 Chrome Extension useful?
  • Are there Helium 10 discount codes available?

So let’s dive into it…

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Helium 10 Review – Key Facts
📣 AboutHelium 10 is an Amazon FBA research, marketing, and management tool.
💰 PriceFrom FREE to $279 per month. Discounts available.
🔥 DiscountThere are 20% off Helium 10 discount codes available here.
💱 Refund Policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
😍 ProsAn impressive list of features. New Helium 10 App. Everything you need in one tool.
😞 ConsCan be overwhelming.
🏆 VerdictThe best all-in-one Amazon FBA software package.
💡 AlternativesJungle Scout or AMZScout.
🌍 WebsiteHelium 10

Helium 10 Rating

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What is Helium 10?

🚀 Helium 10 offers a suite of powerful tools that helps anyone to sell online through the Amazon FBA marketplace.

When Helium 10 first started, they offered just 10 distinct tools to help Amazon businesses launch a successful product. In the four years since, the software has grown substantially and now offers over 20 high-quality tools.

The range of tools included with Helium 10 will help you find products, research keywords, optimize listings, run marketing campaigns, and manage your Amazon business to squeeze out the most profits.

Because Helium 10 covers every aspect of selling, it can be used effectively by individuals or large corporations. They now have over 250,000 users worldwide and have tracked over 450 million products.

They have even added Walmart Marketplace integration for users so you can expand your business even further.

So now let’s see how much Helium 10 will cost…

Helium 10 Pricing

If you think Helium 10 might be a good fit for you, then you need to understand the different pricing plans before subscribing. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. With the annual subscriptions, you normally get an extra 3 months for free.

The Helium 10 plan you choose will mainly depend on the number of products you are selling. If your Amazon business is large enough to have staff that will need to use Helium 10, you may need a plan that includes access for extra users.

How to Use Helium 10 for Free

If you don’t feel ready to fully jump in, you can use Helium 10 for free. The Helium 10 Free Plan offers limited access to some of the tools so you can get a feel for how it all works.

We would recommend all Amazon sellers sign up for the free account even if you mainly use other tools – Click here for the Helium 10 Free Trial >>>.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

There are six Helium 10 plans to choose from; Free, Starter, Platinum, Diamond, Enterprise, and Elite. (Note: the Enterprise plan has variable pricing, as features can be customized to fit your needs.)

The cost for the Starter, Platinum, and Diamond plans is $39, $99, and $279 per month, respectively. Enterprise and Elite plans start at $399 per month. If you pay annually, the prices drop to $29, $79, and $229 per month, saving about 25%.

Helium 10 Monthly Pricing Plans
Helium 10 main pricing plans if paying monthly

✔️ The Helium 10 Free Plan

Before you subscribe, keep in mind that a free trial version is available. However, this version is fairly limited in the number of features you’ll have access to, so is not really suitable for more established FBA sellers.

With the free version of Helium 10, you can perform two keyword searches per day with the Magnet tool. You can also use the Xray Chrome extension for up to 50 products and track two products with their Hijacker Alert tool.

💰 Helium 10 Free Plan: $0 – Get Started Today >>>.

✔️ The Helium 10 Starter Plan

Priced from $29 per month, the Helium 10 Starter plan is a very affordable option, providing all the tools you need to get started, so is perfect for new sellers.

Keep in mind that with this plan, the Cerebro tool can only be used twice per day. If you want unlimited use of Cerebro to search for new product ideas, you’ll need to subscribe to Platinum or Diamond.

Compared to the free version of this software, you’ll benefit from having access to a Financial Analytics Dashboard and the X-ray tool.

We feel the main reason to go for the Starter Plan is it includes the highly rated Freedom Ticket Amazon Course, which comes first place in our best Amazon Course rankings. 🏆

💰 Helium 10 Starter Plan: $39 per month ($29 if paid annually) – Get Started Today >>>.

🤩 Discount Code: Get 10% off every month of the Starter Plan using code ‘TSG10‘ – Click here to get a 10% discount >>>.

✔️ The Helium 10 Platinum Plan

We would recommend this plan for people already selling on Amazon. Costing from $79 per month, the Platinum plan offers unlimited access to Black Box, Trendster, Xray, Cerebro, Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Magnet tools.

Other tools like Index Checker and Listing Analyzer give you far more uses compared to the Starter plan. For example, you can use the keyword index checker 150 times every month compared to 6 times with the Starter plan.

💰 Helium 10 Platinum Plan: $99 per month ($79 if paid annually). – Get Started Today >>>.

🤩 Discount Code: Get 20% off your first 6 months of the Platinum Plan using code ‘TSG20‘ – Click here to get a 20% discount >>>.

✔️ The Helium 10 Diamond Plan

If you are an established business with employees, then we recommend the Diamond Plan. With this plan, you can have 3 users at the same time and most of the tools have unlimited usage.

You also get monthly training from Amazon experts to keep you on track. Another advantage of the Diamond Plan is you get full use of Walmart integration for the Profits, Xray, and Keyword Tracker tools.

💰 Helium 10 Diamond Plan: $279 per month ($229 if paid annually). – Get Started Today >>>.

🤩 Discount Code: Get 20% off your first 6 months of the Diamond Plan using code ‘TSG20‘ – Click here to get a 20% discount >>>.

✔️ The Helium 10 Elite Plan

If you run a larger Amazon business and want the best of the best, you should consider the Helium 10 Elite Plan.

You can now have 5 users and get much greater use of Adtomic and other tools. We think one big advantage of the Elite Plan is you get access to face-to-face workshops and a private Facebook group so you can discuss strategies with other expert sellers.

💰 Helium 10 Elite Plan: $399 per month – Get Started Today >>>.

So let’s take a look at the features included with Helium 10…

Helium 10 Features & Tools

Helium 10 Tools List
Helium 10 Tools

Helium 10 gives you access to over 20 tools that should help you grow your business. Some of the tools listed can even be used for free. The primary tools that are available to Helium 10 users include:

Product Research Tools

🟢 Black Box – Filter a huge database of products to find a winning idea.
🟢 Trendster – View demand, seasonality, and sales trends via a stylish display.

Keyword Research Tools

🟢 Cerebro – Research a competitor’s keyword strategy.
🟢 Magnet – Use one keyword to locate thousands of high-ranking keywords.
🟢 Misspellinator – You can target popular keywords that are often misspelled.

Listing Optimization Tools

🟢 Frankenstein – Organize all of your keywords into easy-to-read lists.
🟢 Scribbles – Find relevant keywords instantly by using automatic input tracking.
🟢 Index Checker – Instantly see which keywords you are showing in search for.

Operations Tools

🟢 Inventory Protector – Limit the total number of units that are allowed per order.
🟢 Alerts – Monitor your listings for hijackers 24/7.
🟢 Follow-Up – Create automatic follow-up email sequences.
🟢 Mobile App – Slick app includes Profit, Alerts, and PPC data.

Analytics Tools

🟢 Keyword Tracker – Maintain your sales position by tracking Amazon badges and keyword rankings.
🟢 Profits – Get a quick overview of your revenue, profits, and trends.
🟢 Market Tracker – See what your competitors are doing in the wider market.

Marketing Tools

🟢 Adtomic – Use predictive bid suggestions and search term analytics to improve your ad campaigns.
🟢 Portals – Helps you build a landing page for your new product.

Chrome Extension Tools

⚙️ Xray Chrome Extension – Provides sales trends, revenue estimates, and pricing for over 450 million ASINS.
⚙️ Supplier Finder – Helium 10 has partnered with Alibaba to help you connect to the best suppliers.
⚙️ Demand Analyzer – Browse Alibaba or Shopify to find products with good potential.
⚙️ Sales Estimator – Get monthly sales estimates for any product – try it for free.
⚙️ Profitability Calculator – Estimates product’s profitability based on FBA fees, freight costs, and product dimensions.
⚙️ Review Insights – Gathers customer insights into a single document that can be downloaded.
⚙️ Asin Grabber – You can easily get a list of products to help create targeted ads.

Let’s look at some of the most popular tools in more detail…

✔ Helium 10 Xray

Helium 10 Xray Chrome Extension Tool
Helium 10 Xray Chrome Extension Tool

The Xray tool is built into the Helium 10 Extension and makes product research a lot easier as data is displayed directly on the Amazon product pages. We find Xray helps to quickly validate new product opportunities by displaying sales trends, revenue estimates, sponsored ad analytics, pricing, and more.

Click here to learn more about Xray…

✔ Helium 10 Cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro Keyword Search
Helium 10 Cerebro Keyword Search

An important aspect of growing a successful Amazon business is to check up on what is working for your competitors, including their keyword strategies.

Cerebro is the main keyword research tool included with Helium 10. It helps you identify which of your competitors’ keywords are performing the best so you can replicate them. 🕵️‍♂️

Cerebro gives you a shortcut to success, as you don’t waste time and money experimenting with different keywords. We’ve noticed wasting money on Amazon PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising can sink a lot of Amazon start-ups.

Performing competitor research with Cerebro also helps you conduct listing optimization, which will bolster your total organic sales.

Click here to learn more about Cerebro…

✔ Helium 10 Black Box

Helium 10 Black Box
Helium 10 Black Box

Helium 10 Black Box helps users identify new product opportunities for their Amazon FBA business. You can use various smart filters to find successful product ideas based on preferences, niches, and your exact requirements.

We found over 450 million products can be searched for new ideas. Some of the filters at your disposal include product category, review rating, price, weight, number of sellers, and number of images.

Click here to learn more about Black Box…

✔ Helium 10 Magnet

Helium 10 Magnet Keyword Analysis
Helium 10 Magnet Keyword Analysis

Magnet is Helium 10’s Amazon keyword planner and includes a vast database containing thousands of search terms and long-tail keywords.

You can use Magnet to find the best keywords to maximize the amount of organic traffic you get to your product listing page. This will reduce your advertising costs as you get more sales naturally.

When we started using Magnet, we found we could fine-tune the search results with advanced filters. These filters include search volume, the total number of competing products, and word count.

We loved the Helium 10 Magnet IQ score, which automatically calculates the search volume of Amazon-related keywords.

Click here to learn more about Magnet… 

✔ Helium 10 Keyword Tracker

Helium 10 Keyword Tracker
Helium 10 Keyword Tracker

Once you’ve used Magnet to choose the best keywords to use for your Amazon listings, it’s essential you track the performance of these keywords with the Helium 10 Keyword Tracker feature. Keyword Tracker allows you to track the positions of both your sponsored and organic keywords in real time.

You can view every keyword at once within the keyword tracking dashboard, which allows for simple visualization of the data. The “Instant History” tab within the dashboard will show you the historical ranking of the keyword you’re currently tracking.

We found this a great way to determine if a keyword is performing like it’s supposed to or whether tweaks and changes are required.

Click here to learn more about Keyword Tracker…

✔ Helium 10 Adtomic

Helium 10 Adtomic

It’s all too easy to waste a lot of money on Amazon PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising. Amazon sellers often end up spending so much on advertising that it makes their new product unviable. Adtomic should help you avoid this as it streamlines your campaigns, so your marketing budget goes further.

With Helium 10 Adtomic, you get all the PPC data in one place in an easy-to-understand format. You can also automate large parts of your PPC campaigns and get AI-driven suggestions for which keywords to bid on.

Adtomic is included in a limited form in the Platinum Plan and you get full access with the Diamond and Elite Plans.

Click here to learn more about Adtomic…

✔ Helium 10 Scribbles

Helium 10 Scribbles

Scribbles helps you create better Amazon listings by checking you have included all the most important keywords. It makes it easy to see if you have used the correct keywords in your product title, description, or bullet points. All this means your listing gets in front of more eyeballs and therefore should get more sales.

Helium 10 Scribbles listing optimization tool is included in all the plans or you can test it with a 30-day free trial.

The Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

A real timesaving feature is the Chrome extension, which allows you to access many tools without even needing to open your Helium 10 dashboard.

Once the Helium 10 Chrome Extension has been installed in your browser, lots of data and insights will be shown when looking on Alibaba or Shopify or if you are logged into your Amazon Seller Central account.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Tools
Helium 10 Chrome Extension Tools

Information includes estimates of business revenues, Amazon trends, PPC advertising analytics, and many other metrics.

The tools available in the Helium 10 extension are Xray, Supplier Finder, Demand Analyzer, Sales Estimator, Profitability Calculator, Review Insights, and Asin Grabber.

Click here to learn more about the Helium 10 Chrome Extension…

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Amazon Course

With all the paid plans, you get access to Freedom Ticket, which is a comprehensive Amazon FBA training course. Freedom Ticket teaches you everything you need to know about how to start and then run a successful FBA business.

The course consists of eight full weeks of training, which are spread out across 60 separate videos. Alongside these videos, you’ll gain access to detailed walkthroughs, written notes, and review slides.

Freedom Ticket includes the latest private label strategies and simple, step-by-step instructions for all aspects of selling.

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Amazon Training Course with Kevin King
Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Amazon Training Course with Kevin King

Purchased separately, this course costs just under $1,000, which shows a subscription can be great value. Even if you only sign up for the Starter plan from $29 per month, you still get full access to Freedom Ticket, which is currently our top-rated Amazon course.

How to Use Helium 10

In general, we find Helium 10 very easy to use. The user interface is straightforward and modern, so it shouldn’t take long for you to master all the features. There is also a handy Helium 10 App for some of the main tools.

New users can also access the ‘Helium 10 Academy’, which provides in-depth training videos and step-by-step instructions for all the tools.

We recommend you sign up for a free Helium 10 account and take a look around. We also recommend downloading and testing out the Chrome Extension. 😎

Helium 10 Testimonials

Helium 10 is now one of the most popular tools used by members of our Amazon Facebook Group and we’ve not seen any complaints.

The reviews we found online are mostly positive, but they only have a rating of 3.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Looking at the negative reviews, some of them do look suspicious and may well be fake, possibly left by rival companies, although we couldn’t verify this. 🤔

Helium 10 Customer Reviews

The main complaints from recent customers seem to be issues around Helium 10 taking payments for subscriptions the customer had requested to be paused. We also found some customers were unhappy with the Adtomic tools, which are Heliums Amazon PPC management software.

Looking at the positive reviews, customers seem to love the great customer service and also the Amazon training course, which is included in the paid subscriptions.

Here is a sample of the reviews we found online:

“Helium10’s customer support system is very strong and they really take their customer’s concerns seriously. Whenever I have reached out to them, they always addressed my problems. The tools that they have kept on adding has literally made Helium10 one of the best softwares to use for Amazon sellers!”

Saniya H

“Not only is Helium 10 a great tool for your Amazon FBA needs, but their support team is one that you can trust.”

S Park

“When you cancel your subscription, they ask 4 questions where you need to select the answers + a field where you need to write what you are not satisfied with and all this time they are trying to make you refuse to cancel.”


“I enjoyed how helium 10 provided the information I needed to make informed product decisions. I only wish there was a longer trial period to get beginners started as it takes longer than 7 days to research the right products.”

C Joyner

“Helium10 unpaused my subscription and reactivated it without any notice and then refused to refund my money, despite the fact I sent them a request within an hour of them charging my account.”

Justine B

“The real time financial reporting has been extremely helpful for me in my new business. Since Amazon does not pull the data together, it is nice to be able to rely on Helium 10 to fill in the gaps and provide meaningful reporting.”

Lori B

Pros & Cons

Now we have looked at all the features and pricing let’s summarise the main Helium 10 pros and cons. Although Helium 10 is considered by many to be the best tool for Amazon businesses, there are positives and negatives that you should know about before subscribing.

😍 What we liked:

  • ✔️ Access to the Amazon Freedom Ticket course that offers award-winning training.
  • ✔️ All the tools you need in one place.
  • ✔️ Chrome extension and Mobile App expand functionality even further.
  • ✔️ Recently added integration for the Walmart marketplace.

😬 What we didn’t like:

  • ❌ The most affordable plan is still relatively expensive. However, Helium 10 coupon codes are available to reduce these costs.
  • ❌ Customer support can be limited and only available via support tickets.
  • ❌ Multi-user login can only be accessed with the Diamond plan.

Conclusion – Is Helium 10 Worth It?

So, is Helium 10 worth it? Helium 10 offers an impressive suite of tools that can help you quickly grow your Amazon business. With over 20 tools to select from, you should have everything required to launch a new product, manage promotions, and stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re still unsure about how useful Helium 10 can be for you and your business, you can test out some of the basic features for free.

🏆 Helium 10 is currently our top recommended Amazon tool for private label sellers and now beats its main competitors; Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, ZonGuru, and AMZScout.

Helium 10 Discount Codes

😍 Good news! There are discounts available on the standard Helium 10 prices. With these Helium 10 coupon codes, you can choose to either get a 20% discount off your first 6 months or a 10% discount off every month.

Get 20% OFF Your First 6 Months When You Use Code: TSG20
OR 10% OFF Every Month When You Use Code: TSG10

Trying to work out the best option? The ‘10% off every month’ option starts to be the better deal, after your first year.

You can see the results of our calculations below for the total savings you would make after being subscribed for two years:

Helium 10 Discount Savings Over 2 Years Compared
Platinum Plan – 20% off the first 6 months – SAVE $114 / 10% off every month SAVE $216
Diamond Plan – 20% off the first 6 months – SAVE $330 / 10% off every month SAVE $648

The Best Helium 10 Alternatives

While Helium 10 is a feature-rich tool that should provide you with nearly every feature you need to run a successful Amazon-based business, there are alternatives available. The best Helium 10 alternatives include Jungle Scout, AMZScout, and Viral Launch.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another popular product and keyword research tool that provides users with a wide range of features designed to help launch new products.

Just like Helium 10, Jungle Scout provides a Chrome extension with nearly every plan, a sales estimator tool, a keyword research tool, a competitor research tool, and a high-quality product finder.

Read our full Helium 10 and Jungle Scout comparison here: Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

You’ll find that Jungle Scout is slightly more affordable than Helium 10. However, it isn’t as feature-rich and misses tools such as Helium’s Refund Genie and Alerts.

The Freedom Ticket course included with Helium 10 is also better than the Jungle Scout equivalent and Helium 10 has also just released a well-designed Mobile App.

Helium 10 vs AMZScout

AMZScout is great for small businesses that are on a relatively tight budget. However, this software isn’t as sophisticated as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, which means the tools are more limited in comparison.

If you select the Amazon Sellers Bundle that’s available through AMZScout, you’ll gain access to a keyword explorer, a seller’s course, a Chrome extension, and a web app. Plans start at $29 per month.

Click here to read our complete AMZScout review…

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch

Viral Launch focuses primarily on Amazon product research and launch. While the Helium 10 product research features are more comprehensive, the Viral Launch features aren’t far behind.

Viral Launch includes access to product launches, managed marketing services, and photography services, all of which you might find useful for growing your business. In fact, some sellers use Viral Launch alongside Helium 10

Helium 10 Review - Overall Rating
Helium 10 Logo

Product Name: Helium 10

Product Description: Helium 10 is an Amazon FBA research, marketing, and management tool.

Brand: Helium 10

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Final Verdict

Helium 10 is our top recommendation for Amazon private label sellers wanting to find and then launch a winning product. It is packed with features, allows you to manage your entire Amazon business, and gives you a clear advantage over your competition.


✅ More features than Jungle Scout.
✅ Free complete Amazon training included.
✅ Slick Mobile App.
✅ New features added regularly.


❌ Slightly more expensive than Jungle Scout.
❌ Can be overwhelming for new sellers.

Let me know your thoughts on our Helium 10 review or any other Amazon tools in the comments below and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Good Luck & Happy Selling

James 👨

Our Review Process

To ensure our ratings are as accurate as possible, our team thoroughly tests all the Amazon tools we review. We have gone through ‘Helium 10’ thoroughly and tested all the different features before writing our review.

We also gathered feedback from real-life students in our Amazon Facebook Group who have been using the software.

These are the factors we considered when evaluating Amazon tools:

  • How long has the software been established?
  • Is the software kept up-to-date?
  • Is there an active support community?
  • Does it have everything you need to get started?
  • What do our 40,000 members think?
  • Is there a good money-back guarantee or free trial?

For more details, see our Editorial Policy and Standards page.

Helium 10 FAQs

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