FBA Wizard Pro Review

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FBA Wizard Pro is probably the best complete Amazon FBA and Private Label sourcing software available. FBA Wizard Pro helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon and eBay by automatically searching over 600 retail websites and wholesalers.

What is FBA Wizard Pro

FBA Wizard Pro is software that helps you easily find winning products to sell on Amazon and eBay. It can be used to find products for online arbitrage, wholesale and private label. It works in the US, UK and Canada and they are constantly adding more features and more retailers. You can even set up your VA (Virtual Assistant) to take care of your scanning and product analysis with a special add-on module.

How Do I Find Arbitrage Deals with FBA Wizard Pro?

FBA Wizard Pro allows you to set filters for your search. So, for example, you can search for products over $10 with 60% ROI from one particular online store like Wal-Mart or Tesco. You can also add filters for sales rank, total profit and many others elements.

Wizard Pro will then scan the retailer for all the products that match your criteria and show you the results. You can then drill down further and look at the sales history and other details and add the products you like to your shortlist.

Another great feature is the ability to scan a particular category or URL for any retailer which gives you even more results.
The scans run in the cloud so you do not need to have your computer turned on. You can literally set up your scans, go to bed and the results will be there in the morning.

FBA Wizard Pro Basic Filters
FBA Wizard Pro Basic Filters

What Type of Searches Can You Run with FBA Wizard Pro?

There are currently 8 different types of scans you can perform.

Amazon Scan

This is where you can scan a particular retailer like Wal-Mart or Tesco to find products matching your criteria. There are over 600 retailers listed to choose from. We usually find it is better to search the less well-known retailers for good deals as there is less competition.
You can also see if the retailer is running any cash back deals and include these in your calculations.

Private Label Research

A lot of sellers are now moving into Private Label selling. This is where you get your own branded product made in China which you then sell on Amazon. You need to find a suitable product first though and this is where FBA Wizard Pro comes in.

There are many filters you can set for your research. You can easily find popular high-ranking products that are already being sold by other sellers. You can then choose which product you think is likely to be successful and therefore you can sell your own branded version of it. The private label scan has much of the same functionality as Jungle Scout.

FBA Wizard Pro Amazon Private Label Filters
FBA Wizard Pro Amazon Private Label Filters

Wholesale Scans

This is a feature we use a lot in our business. It allows you to upload a spreadsheet of pricing from any supplier. It will then compare it to the products on Amazon or eBay and highlight where there is profit to be made. You can then buy these products and send them to Amazon FBA. You could probably run an entire profitable business with this feature alone.

Euro Scan

This is a great feature for UK sellers. You can scan Amazon UK for any deals which you can buy and then resell on Amazon Germany, France, Italy or Spain for a profit. You then simply order them with your normal Amazon account and get them shipped to your home or your prep centre. They are then shipped to Amazon FBA who will deal with orders from your UK or European customers.

There is a lot of profit to be made in doing what are known as ‘Euro Flips’ so this is a huge advantage over other tools like Tactical Arbitrage. They have now introduced a similar feature for flipping deals from Canadian retailers onto Amazon US.

eBay Scan

A great feature for those selling on eBay and Amazon. It allows you to scan all the retailers and find deals to sell on eBay. It includes Amazon as one of the retailers so this means millions of potential products. You could potentially build a business around just doing eBay scans.

eBay Wholesale

Again FBA Wizard Pro have added more eBay selling features. You can now also upload your wholesale price lists to find products to sell on eBay too.

Merchant Scans

This is where you search for products from Amazon marketplace sellers. You can then buy them and send them to Amazon FBA for a profit. This works because products that are FBA often get the buy box over lower-priced FBM products so there is sometimes a margin to be made. This is also known as ‘Amazon to Amazon flips’

Reverse Scan

The Reverse Scan is another one we like. Instead of scanning specific retailers you select a category and the software will then search all retailers for those products where you can make a profit. This will include over 4000 retailers.

So, for example, you might select the category of ‘cooking utensils’ and FBA Wizard Pro will search through thousands of retailers to find products that match those found in the Amazon category. You can set the usual filters to narrow down your search.

Choosing Which Products to Buy

Once you have completed some of your scans you can then quickly analyse the results. You are shown the profit, ROI, Amazon sales rank and category. You can also easily see the history of the product so you can more confidently make a purchase. FBA Wizard Pro also lets you export all the data for further analysis or you can add to your ‘Stack’ which is essentially a shortlist of good products.

Once you have your products it is just a matter of sending them to Amazon FBA and let Amazon take care of the rest.

FBA Wizard Pro FAQs

How many retailers can it search for deals? It can currently scan over 600 retailers.

Can I use FBA Wizard Pro if I am in the US? Yes. FBA Wizard Pro is designed for the US and UK markets. It now will also find deals in Canada which you can sell on Amazon US.

Do I need a Professional Selling account to use FBA Wizard Pro? Yes, you will need a Professional account. You should easily be able to find enough deals to cover your Pro subscription and FBA Wizard subscription.

Will FBA Wizard Pro work on a tablet or mobile? Yes, it will run on all types of devices.

If I change my mind can I cancel my subscription? Yes. There is a 10 day FREE trial period – if you it does not work for you then you can just cancel. If you pay monthly you can also cancel at the end of any month with no hassles.

FBA Wizard

Should I Buy FBA Wizard Pro?

We truly believe FBA Wizard Pro is the best all-round Amazon sourcing software there is at the moment. It can do pretty much everything Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout can do. It also has additional features like wholesaler scans, eBay selling and euro flips all of which can make you extra profits and diversify your online business.

We are confident you can build a full-time income from just one of the main features – wholesale scans, private label, eBay scans or retailer scans. So with all these different options, you can easily create a solid Amazon and eBay business with multiple income streams.

We use FBA Wizard Pro daily to help us build and maintain a successful Amazon business. It has saved us hundreds of hours of manually searching for opportunities.

Rather than buying a number of different tools that all do part of the job why not have one that does them all. You should be able to easily find enough deals to cover the monthly subscription. They also offer a 10-day FREE trial so you can sign up today and test it with zero risk.

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  1. By Felix Posted on January 26, 2018

    Doesn’t sound like it scans by UPC codes…

    • By The Selling Guy Posted on January 26, 2018

      For stores that use barcodes it will scan using the barcode. This produces a much more accurate result and we normally find it is better to only scan stores with barcodes.

  2. By Jo Mooney Posted on August 7, 2017

    i am a newbie and your article has been very helpful. to double check in regards to the wholesalers, i take it that you find your own supplier and ask them to send you a list of product in a format accepted by FBA wizard pro?

    • By The Selling Guy Posted on August 8, 2017

      Hi Jo. Yes for wholesalers you would provide the data in a spreadsheet to upload. If you ask your supplier they should be able to provide this. You can then upload the data you want. For the other types of scans FBA Wizard Pro will find the products itself.

  3. By Phil Youn Posted on May 8, 2017

    I have started selling text books by FBA….what is the best software to do that…can FBA wizard pro do that?

    • By The Selling Guy Posted on May 8, 2017

      Hi – yes FBA Wizard Pro can be used for books – it scans abebooks, bookdepository and other book suppliers to find deals to sell on Amazon.

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