1. By Anonymous

    Brands don’t reply.

  2. By Anonymous

    Omron BPM

  3. Thanks Danielle – will get them added to the list 🙂

  4. By Danielle

    I just received a letter from Pela (Open Mind Developments Corporation).

  5. Hey Brian – great idea. As the list keeps growing we need a way to make it more manageable so will look at options for this. You can download the list and then open it in excel or google docs to do filters etc if required.

  6. By Brian

    If you added features to filter your list by categories, this would be a much more useful tool, but as it is, thank you – it’s awesome!

  7. By Jeremy

    Legal action from Bethesda / ID Software.

  8. By William

    Truly an invaluable resource. Thank you!

  9. By Ebru


    IP complaints for the following 2 brands



  10. Thanks – we have just updated the list 🙂

  11. By Hayk

    Pure Enrichment and Flawless Touch are banning too

  12. Thanks Lisa – will get them added 🙂

  13. By Lisa

    Please add FoxyBae, just got an IP claim from them.

  14. By BWF

    Asobu (coffee makers) promptly sent a moderately-worded policy warning

  15. Selling used does carry a lot less risk. Yes that’s a great idea – we will try and add a column for the date the brand was added or updated 🙂

  16. Thanks Ryan – will get this brand added asap!

  17. By Ryan

    Fitlife brands add to the list they have sent multiple letters i have and will not take the legal risk with them!!!

  18. If you are buying from an authorised wholesaler then you should be able to get permission to resell the brand on Amazon.

  19. By Erika S.

    Are these company warnings for wholesale as well?

  20. By Peter Ramirez

    Excellent list, especially considering that most others out there do not reflect the specific degree of risk associated with each brand. In particular, I am interested in selling used Sony and Microsoft gaming controllers, and knowing that the risk in selling under these brands would be on the lesser side is reassuring, although I will still proceed carefully nonetheless.

    Just one question: when was the last time this list was updated, and is there any way future updates could include their respective update date? Thanks!

  21. By Samuru

    Please add Renew Life, they are working with Vory’s and I got the dreaded letter in the mail to stop selling. I sold 1 of them on clearanace….ugh…so stupid.

  22. By James


  23. Thankyous for Educating us !

  24. Hi Heather – thanks for the information – we will get these added asap.

  25. By Heather Baylis

    VIP Products (owners of Tuffy and Mighty dog toy brands) send trademark infringement complaints to Amazon and then won’t respond to emails. Looks like they want to be the only ones to sell their own products

  26. By Raj MP

    Hi Mike,
    You mentioned account was suspended for 3 weeks. How did you get back into selling again? Do you mind sharing it here?

  27. We will be adding Epson to the list for USA sellers based on this legal letter received by a US based seller. We have not had any reports of issues for sellers outside the US so far;
    “To Whom It May Concern:
    We have been retained by Epson America, Inc. (\”Epson\”), in regard to issues related to your improper and tortious sale and commercial distribution of Epson products. As you are aware, Epson develops, manufactures, and sells products throughout the world, including the United States. Epson sells products directly to customers through its network of Authorized Epson Dealers. Epson has and continues to designate significant resources to develop and maintain its products’ national and international image. Through this market of Epson Dealers, Epson has fostered a recognized image of quality and customer support.
    All Authorized Epson Dealers are required to execute a Dealer Agreement whereby they agree to the manner in which they must promote and sell Epson products in order to maintain and foster Epson brand equity. The Dealer Agreements limit Authorized Epson Dealers to selling Epson products to the end-users. Unauthorized Resellers who induce Authorized Epson Dealers to sell Epson products to them tortiously interfere with the Dealer Agreement.
    Epson demands that you IMMEDIATELY remove any and all Epson listings from Amazon.com. Please let us know by November 1, 2017 by return email or telephone what steps you are taking to discontinue your tortious interference. This letter is sent without prejudice as to the other rights and remedies available to our client.
    Morgan T. Nickerson 617.261.3134″

  28. By Raj MP

    Josh Bach

    IP complaints for all of the above

  29. Will get them added to the list. thanks

  30. Hi – thanks for sharing – will add these to the list.

  31. By Raj MP

    Nanda Home and LAX – IP compaints

  32. By Sarah Lynne

    Grace & Stella sent me a trademark warning email with 7 days to comply before legal action

  33. Thanks for the info – we will add them to the list.

  34. By Anonymous

    Please add Fifty/Fifty to the list as well – Intellectual Infringement Warning

  35. Thanks – will get this brand added to the list!

  36. By Darrin

    Just had a legal warning from memory soft. They make lumbar cushions and support pillows.

  37. Hi Sameena – great question and a bit of a grey area. You can still get approved by buying from an authorised wholesaler – but the brand may still not want you to sell their products. Other brands may make a complaint via Amazon even though you are ok to sell – so when this happens you will be able to get the complaint removed. If you used written permission from the brand to get approved then you will be ok. The main thing for the brands listed – is to be very wary unless you know you are allowed to sell.

  38. By Sameena

    What if I got approved on one of the brand listed in this list? Should I still avoid selling it?

  39. Thanks Kay – I have added this brand and also Cra-Z-Gels to the list for the next update.

  40. By Kay Helton

    Cra-Z-Art Products has started sending me the email!

  41. We have now added BH Cosmetics and Switchmate to the list. We have had a lot of complaints about Altec Lansing so definitely one to avoid. Thanks for the info.

  42. By Anonymous

    Alter Lansing will give you a IP complaint and will not respond to emails. Also switchmate. BH Cosmetics will send you a nasty gram but not sure if they will pursue it.

  43. Thanks Kay. We will add these to the list.

  44. By Kay Helton

    GoldieBlox. With the first email they sent me, I sent them the information they asked for, took my products down, and never heard from them again. I called Amazon and they re-listed it. I continue to get the threatening email and I respond with, “I sent the info you asked for, but heard nothing from you”.

  45. Even if you can list it – you are likely to get a policy warning from Amazon or they might threaten you directly.

  46. By hannah

    What will they do? Is this allowed by Amazon if Amazon does not have a brand restriction on their products?

  47. Hi Sue – thanks for this information – we will get them added onto the list.

  48. I have received Intellectual Property Infringement from Harry’s Razors. They will not revoke the complaint, thus putting my account in jeopardy and I have asked them 4 times.

  49. Hi Patricia – really appreciate the information. We have added these to the list now. thanks

  50. By Patricia

    Capital Brands is another company that you can add to your list. They are the exclusive authorized representative of the Capital Brands trademark in the United States. In addition, Capital Brands provides all warranty services for the products sold by authorized resellers of Capital Brands products (NutriBullet, NutriBullet Pro, NutriBullet Rx, Magic Bullet, Baby Bullet, Veggie Bullet, NutriBullet Lean, NutriBullet Max, NutriBullet Superfoods) in the United States.

  51. Thanks for this information – we will add Canary and Steelseries to the list. I think if the complaint is properly retracted then it will no longer affect your account. How did you get Canary and Steelseries removed? Did you get confirmation of this?

  52. Canary and Steel Series. Canary went direct to Amazon and Steel Series first sent a nasty letter than 24 hours later I got the IP complaint. Wish I’d been aware of this list before I sent in my Altec’s…my 3rd IP complaint. I’m drastically changing electronics selling and sourcing. Do you know, when an IP complaint is lifted is it truly gone? Mine have been removed with the exception of the latest.

  53. By Matt

    Yep definitely avoid TRX, they don’t contact you first, they just tell Amazon that you’re selling counterfeits. I was suspended for seven weeks. Wish I’d seen this list first!

  54. Thanks for the info – have updated the list and should be on the site in the next day or so. thanks

  55. By Anonymous

    Yeti and patagonia – legal threats

  56. They are on the list now. Have had a few reports about TRX recently so definitely a brand to avoid at all costs. Thanks

  57. By Mike J

    Have had a nightmare with TRX – sports and fitness – account was suspended for 3 weeks!!!! Please add.

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