Amazon Product Rank and BSR Charts for the US, UK and Europe

Amazon product rank and BSR charts are a great tool to help you identify which products to buy and sell on Amazon FBA or Private Label. They will show you where a particular product falls in its category based on how fast it is selling and therefore how popular it is.

Example of the data included in the Amazon BSR and Rank Chart for the USA

Example of the data included in the Amazon BSR and Rank Chart for the USA

The charts also show in what percentage of the overall number of products in that the product falls. The lower the percentage of the total the more popular the product. For example, some sellers will aim to source products in the top 1% or 3% or even 10% of the category depending on their overall strategy.

We recommend you print out or save the charts that are relevant to your Amazon marketplace for reference.

Amazon Rank and BSR% explained

The better (lower) the rank and BSR the more the product will sell. It is also likely to be more competitive so there is often a careful balance to be struck. A lower rank means a less popular product so you need to be making a higher margin and profit per sale. If you had a product ranked under 2000 in most categories this would result in a lot of sales per day and therefore you could accept a smaller margin.

A lot of sourcing software like Tactical Arbitrage, Jungle Scout or FBA Wizard Pro will include the rank or BSR for each product in the results. Use this data in conjunction with the rank charts to make a more informed decision.

An example of how to use Amazon BSR charts to make buying decisions

BSR and Rank data for Amazon Product

This shows a Best Seller Rank of 47,171 in the main Amazon category


This product has a rank of 47,171 in the main Amazon category of ‘Computers’. If you cross-reference this to the UK BSR chart you can see that this falls just within the top 3%. You can also use chrome plugins and tools like FBA Wizard Pro which provide data within your Amazon searches on BSR. In the example below, we can see that FBA Wizard also shows it in the top 3% and are calculating 4 sales per month which means this is a fairly slow seller. We would probably not purchase this product to sell on Amazon FBA unless it was making a good margin and we could easily win the Buy Box.

Example product showing FBA Wizard BSR and Sales per month

Example product showing FBA Wizard BSR and Sales per month

TOP TIP – Remember you are only interested in the main category rank and not sub categories. In the example above this product has a sub category rank of 814 which seems great but the actual BSR is 47,171. This is the figure you should use when comparing products and using the charts. Some listings do not show the main category rank or may not have any rank if they have never sold.

Does the Amazon category make a difference when looking at Product Rank and BSR%?

It is important to note that products in different categories will sell different quantities even if they have the same rank. For example, a product ranked 200 in Books might sell 5 times more units per month than a product ranked 200 in Stationary.

Also be wary of the BSR percentage as it is dependent on how many total products there are in that category. A product might be in the top 3% BSR in Clothing. If you were to add 5 million more products to the Clothing category the exact same product would then only be in the top 20%. The product still sells the same and is still a viable option.

We recommend you use these charts as a guide and as you get more experience in each category you can make more informed decisions. For example, you might buy a product in the ‘Baby’ category ranked 50,000 to test it out. You then sell 4 units per day with a good margin and are happy with this. You can then make a note that any product under 50,000 in ‘Baby’ is one you can confidently purchase.

Download the latest Product Rank and BSR% Chart pdfs below;

Amazon US Rank and BSR Chart pdf

Amazon UK Rank and BSR Chart pdf

Amazon Germany Rank and BSR Chart pdf

Amazon France Rank and BSR Chart pdf

Amazon Spain Rank and BSR Chart pdf

Amazon Italy Rank and BSR Chart pdf

PLEASE NOTE: We have chosen to only include active products in the Amazon rank charts. This is why the figures may be slightly different from other ranking charts you have seen. We do not think it makes sense to include products that are totally dead and may not have been available for sale on Amazon for years.

Is there software available which will help with this process?

Some of the sourcing software available like Jungle Scout, FBA Wizard and Tactical Arbitrage will attempt to give you estimated sales per month taking into account the amazon rank, BSR percent and product history. These are normally accurate enough to help make decisions. However, products can change rank significantly in a short period of time. This can be due to a recent discount on the product or it being out of stock. It is best to check Keepa or CamelCamelCamel to see the sales rank history so you can make sure the current rank is not an anomaly.


We hope you find these charts helpful. Feel free to print them out and use them when you are researching products. We are constantly updating the charts for more accurate data.

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