Amazing Selling Machine Review 2024: READ before you buy!

Please read our in-depth Amazing Selling Machine review before you purchase any Amazon FBA course.

There are thousands of ordinary people achieving their financial freedom by selling products on Amazon. You can do this too.

So why should you listen to me? My name is James, and I have been selling on Amazon for over 15 years, clocking up over $10,000,000 in sales. I also run an Amazon seller community with over 35,000 members where I offer help and advice!

So let’s take a look at what’s included in the new Amazing Selling Machine (ASM14) course, whether it’s a good investment, and if there are now better alternatives available.

We will also test out the new ‘Amazing Academy’ training, which offers a more affordable way to access ASM.

Amazing Selling Machine Review – Key Facts
πŸ“£ AboutAn 8-module Amazon training program, including over 20 hours of video content.
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Who’s it for?Can be taken by people with no prior business experience based anywhere in the world.
πŸ’° Price$997 with our 80% discount (standard price $4,997)
πŸ”₯ DiscountClick here for 80% off Amazing Selling Machine.
πŸ’± Refund Policy30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
😍 ProsGold standard complete proven system. No experience required.
😞 ConsMore expensive than some rivals.
πŸ† VerdictExpensive but still the ultimate Amazon FBA Course.
πŸ’‘ AlternativesFreedom Ticket or Jungle Scout Academy.
🌍 WebsiteAmazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine Rating


To claim your 80% special Amazing Selling Machine discount, just click on the link above and you will be offered ‘The Amazing Selling Machine’ for $997 instead of $4997. (IMPORTANT: use code ‘SAVE500’ in checkout to get the extra $500 discount πŸ’‘)

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Amazing Selling Machine Review

What Is Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM, for short), is a step-by-step training program that teaches you how to start and build a successful Amazon FBA business.

The ASM course was first available in 2012, with an updated version released each year. The latest version is Amazing Selling Machine 14.

These updates make sure that the course includes all the latest Amazon changes and also cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Amazing Selling Machine Instructors
Amazing Selling Machine is taught by Matt Clark, Mike McClary, and Devin Dorosh

Amazing Selling Machine was created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark and is taught by ASM instructors Mike McClary, and Devin Dorosh.

“…gold standard in Amazon training courses.”

They have many years of experience and success with Amazon FBA and claim to have each built 7-8 figure Amazon businesses.

The Amazing Selling Machine has over 35,000 members from 138 different countries. They estimate that their members have sold over $9 billion of products after completing the Amazon Selling Machine course.

This would mean an average of around $260,000 in sales per student, and although it’s difficult to verify these claims, they aren’t unrealistic.

ASM 14 is generally considered to be the gold standard in Amazon training courses by those in the industry.

Amazing Selling Machine Discount Code

Although they don’t offer a discount code, we found a way to get a massive 80% Amazing Selling Machine discount. To claim this special discount, simply click on this link.

You will then be offered The Amazing Selling Machine course for just $997 instead of the usual $4997. This means you are getting a huge 80% discount and saving yourself $4000!

Best Discounted Deal We Could Find

You will also be offered another time-limited special deal where you can get the ‘Amazing Selling Machine’ and 12 months of ‘Amazing Academy Platinum’ for just $997. (IMPORTANT: Remember to use code ‘SAVE500’ in checkout to get the extra $500 discount.πŸ‘ˆ)

With this deal, you actually pay less than the stand-alone ASM course and get ‘Amazing Academy Platinum’ for free. This gives you lots of valuable extras like weekly live coaching calls, 1:1 Support, Private Slack channel, Exclusive Community, and Zoof e-commerce software. 😍

The Amazing Academy Training

As lower-priced Amazon courses entered the market, Amazing wanted to make its training accessible to more people on a tighter budget. This is when they released Amazing Academy, with pricing starting at just $59 per month.

Amazing Academy Pricing Plans
Amazing Academy Pricing Plans

They offer three different subscription levels: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Gold gives you extra coaching and support, and Platinum adds extra e-commerce software.

βœ”οΈ Academy Standard:

  • The complete Amazing Selling Machine 14 training.
  • Private Resource Vault.
  • Live Monthly Masterclasses.
  • Spark Selling Machine for Walmart Brand.

πŸ’° Standard Price – $59 per month – Get Started Today>>

βœ”οΈ Academy Gold:

  • Every feature available in the standard package.
  • Live coaching calls 3X a week.
  • 1:1 support from your own client success manager.
  • Private Slack channel for additional support.
  • Exclusive Facebook community access.

πŸ’° Gold Price – $119 per month – Get Started Today>>

βœ”οΈ Academy Platinum:

  • Every feature available in the Gold package.
  • Full access to Zoof Ultimate included (Value: $197/month)

πŸ’° Platinum Price – $149 per month – Get Started Today>>

Amazing Academy contains all the same course content as the main Amazing Selling Machine training.

Amazing Selling Machine VS Amazing Academy? πŸ€”

So, is it best to sign up for Amazing Selling Machine or Amazing Academy, and what’s the difference?

The main reason to go for the stand-alone ASM course is you get free updates and full access for life. The biggest drawback is you pay more upfront, with $997 the best deal we could find.

The main advantage of choosing the ‘Amazing Academy’ is the much lower entry costs. You also get the full ASM course included, as well as lots of great bonus features in the Academy. We consider the biggest downside of Amazing Academy is if you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to all the training.

We feel the decision really depends on your budget, bearing in mind, you will need extra funds to buy inventory, do advertising, and pay various fees.

As you can now get a 80% discount on the main course, we would still recommend going for this option. If money is really tight, Amazing Academy is a great way to get over 120 high-quality training lessons for just $59 a month.

What’s Included in the Amazing Selling Machine 2024?

The Amazing Selling Machine comprises four core components. There is the 8-module online training, ASM mentor and coaching program, exclusive Private Community, and the Private Resource Vault. Let’s look at these in more detail…

1. 8-Module Online Training

Module 1 – Finding the Perfect Product

ASM will teach you how to find a red-hot product to beat your competition, and also which products to avoid. They will teach you their selection criteria, which tools to use, and then how to patent your product.

Amazing Selling Machine 14 goes on to teach you how to source products from anywhere in the world and how to contact suppliers.

Module 2 – Set Up Your Business

The second module helps you set up your Amazon seller account and then shows you how to sell on different Amazon Marketplaces like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

They also give an overview of which company structure is required and various tax issues so you are ready to start selling. This is valuable and is missing from some of the other Amazon courses.

Module 3 – Order Inventory and Create Your Brand

They teach you how to choose a supplier and shipping company. You are also shown how to evaluate your samples and use inspection companies.

You will be shown how to choose a brand name and logo using their ‘ASM Brand Creation’ process. They then show you how to create a product listing, design your packaging, and start marketing.

Module 4 – Building Your Brand Assets

This includes step-by-step guides for building your online presence. They show you how to build a website, Facebook page, Manychat, and Instagram.

ASM will show you how to get subscribers on all these platforms, which you can then use for marketing and launching products.

Module 5 – Create A Profitable Listing

A perfectly crafted product page is one key to success on Amazon. Amazing Selling Machine shows you which keywords to target, how to choose an awesome title, write an engaging description, and use the right product images.

Module 6 – Launch and Rank

This module goes into a lot of detail on how to get prepared for when your first order arrives and then successfully launch your new product.

It covers Amazon PPC strategies, using data to make decisions, and getting those vital initial Amazon customer reviews.

Module 7 – Optimize Your Ads

The next module goes into even more depth about how to optimize your ad campaigns and when to use split testing.

Using these advanced strategies should not only make your product a success but will also help you avoid wasting all your money on ads, which happens to a lot of private label sellers.

Module 8 – Scale Your Sales

The final ASM module includes guides on how to manage your cash flow, deal with relaunching slow products, inventory planning, and building a list of loyal customers.

How Amazon FBA Works for the Amazing Selling Machine 13
How the Amazon FBA Process Works

2. The ASM Mentor Program

With ASM, you will have access to an elite group of Amazon sellers who, between them, have sold over $24,000,000 of products.

There are also monthly coaching calls with mentors, special guests, and fellow students where you can ask any questions and discuss the latest strategies.

We feel the value of this can not be overestimated, as we often see live coaching and mentoring making the difference between success and failure for new Amazon sellers.

3. The Exclusive Private Community

When we signed up, we got access to a very active community of fellow students who can provide you with help and support.

We find chatting with other Amazon sellers and tracking everyone’s progress can really help keep you motivated when things get tough.

You also get priority access to live events like SellerCon and can watch all the recordings from previous shows.

The Amazing Selling Machine SellerCon 2023 Live Event
SellerCon Amazing Selling Machine 2023 Live Event

4. The ASM Private Resource Vault

You get access to this list of resources and contacts that the course creators and teachers use themselves.

Amazing Selling Machine claims this is worth $10,000 on its own. It includes templates, contacts for freight companies, photographers, and exclusive discounts.

They now include tools to help you run things such as Zoof, Product Analyzer Tool, and the Perfect Keyword Tool.

Amazing Selling Machine Testimonials

The Amazing Selling Machine Testimonials
Amazing Selling Machine Testimonials

So how do people rate this training? Feedback from our Facebook group members is generally very positive, but reviews we found online are more mixed. Here are some reviews from former students:

“It was a pleasurable experience and well worth the investment if you put the time & energy into it. They have an incredible cast of coaches that’ll help you along the way, but of course, your success depends on your ability to take action and can vary from person to person.”

-D Chun

“I dedicated the last 2 years to studying and implementing the course and starting my own business. I followed all the training and basically devoted my life and energy to it for the first year straight.
The course does a really good job of presenting all the concepts and materials in an organized way that leads to execution and has an amazing community that is a lifesaver in most situations.”

-B Anderson

“Excellent Course. Love the way they teach, well explained, easy to implement. Made a good profit out of my first product.”

-Tereck P

“They do say, β€œanyone can do this with the right training and focus.” It’s possible, but I think that claim is a bit misleading, because it really is not for everyone. You have to be willing to put in the hours, hard work, diligence, dedication, a lot of extra time outside of your 9-to-5.”


“It was a great experience and I’m happy I did it as I always wanted to dip my toe in eCommerce. But it was an expensive experience.
I think for me to be successful I would have had to double my investment of $8k. Since when you finally get selling, you need to restock ASAP and you don’t really have a cash flow, so you need to keep investing.”


We find many of the most successful sellers on Amazon have taken the Amazing Selling Machine training. In fact, many rival Amazon courses were created by people who originally took the ASM course, which gives you a good indication of the quality of the training.

The biggest complaints from students seem to be that succeeding requires a lot of hard work because of how competitive Amazon has become, and you will need as much as $5,000 extra to get your first product live and selling.

Should I Buy the Amazing Selling Machine Course?

The Amazon Selling Machine success rate is higher than any other Amazon course. So the only real reason you would not sign up for this course is the relatively high cost.

However, the high cost may actually be one of the main reasons for its success. If you have invested this amount, you are likely to take it a lot more seriously and make sure you succeed.

They have also gone some way to addressing this issue by launching ‘Amazing Academy‘ which is a lot more affordable, starting at just $59 per month.

“…greatest chance of success and achieving your financial freedom.”

Pros & Cons of the Amazing Selling Machine

😍 What we liked:

  • βœ”οΈ A complete Amazon FBA training system all in one place.
  • βœ”οΈ Community support to keep you motivated, accountable, and answer questions.
  • βœ”οΈ Free tools like Zoof and discounts for others.
  • βœ”οΈ 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • βœ”οΈ No prior business experience is required.

😬 What we didn’t like:

  • ❌ High price compared to some other FBA courses.
  • ❌ Need additional funds for stock, marketing, and fees.

If you can afford it, we would recommend you invest in ASM 14 as it offers you the greatest chance of success and achieving financial freedom.

You need to remember you will need additional funds to buy stock and market your new product. It can take at least 90 days to get a product live on Amazon and start seeing returns on investment.

We think Amazing Selling Machine is suited to people who are serious about building a successful online business and if you can afford the initial investment, then you should definitely consider signing up.

The Amazing Selling Machine Overall Rating
Amazing Selling Machine Logo

Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine

Product Description: The Amazing Selling Machine is an 8-module Amazon FBA training program that includes over 20 hours of video content. It also includes various bonuses like the ASM mentor program, an exclusive private community, and private resource vault.

[ More ]


Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Amazing Selling Machine is expensive, but we still consider it to be the ‘gold standard’ in Amazon FBA courses. It has everything you need to succeed on Amazon, and they offer their students excellent support.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for extra peace of mind.

We have knocked off 1 star due to the relatively high price. However, if you can afford it, we would recommend Amazing Selling Machine.


βœ… A complete Amazon FBA training system all in one place.
βœ… Community support to keep you motivated, accountable, and answer questions.
βœ… Discount on key tools like Jungle Scout.
βœ… 30-day money-back guarantee so you can purchase the course with zero risks.
βœ… No prior business experience is required.


❌ More expensive than other FBA courses.
❌ Need additional funds for stock and marketing.

To claim your 80% special Amazing Selling Machine discount, just click on the link above and you will be offered ‘The Amazing Selling Machine’ for $997 instead of $4997. (IMPORTANT: use code ‘SAVE500’ in checkout to get the extra $500 discount πŸ’‘)

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Good Luck & Happy Selling

James πŸ‘¨

PS. If you have any questions about our Amazing Selling Machine review, please drop me an email or message me on Facebook.

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Our Review Process

To ensure our ratings are as accurate as possible, our team thoroughly tests all the courses we review. We have gone through β€˜The Amazing Selling Machine’ course from start to finish before writing our review.

We also gathered feedback from real-life students in our Amazon Facebook Group who have completed the course.

These are the factors we considered when evaluating Amazon courses:

  • How much experience do the course creators have?
  • How long has the course been established?
  • Is the course kept up-to-date?
  • Is there an active support community?
  • Is live coaching included?
  • Does it have everything you need to get started?
  • What do our 40,000 members think of the course?
  • Is there a good money-back guarantee or free trial?
  • Do students go on to make decent profits?

For more details, see our Editorial Policy and Standards page.

Amazing Selling Machine 2024 FAQs

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