About The Selling Guys

About The Selling Guys

Hey there! My name is James, and I am the founder of The Selling Guys.

I have been selling online for over 15 years now and it has been quite a journey with many ups and downs.

Along with my team, I have done pretty much everything from selling on eBay, Amazon FBA, import and export, wholesale, retail arbitrage, drop shipping, and much more.

On our e-commerce journey, we have learnt a lot about selling online and have built a very successful business.

We are now happy to share our knowledge and experience to help other online sellers like you.

The Selling Guys Amazon Selling Community

Of all the platforms we have sold on, we have found Amazon FBA to be the most scalable and profitable. This is now the main focus for us and we would recommend Amazon FBA to those wanting to make money online.

We have also set up two Amazon community groups on Facebook and have been really impressed with the enthusiasm of our members. It is also great to see how willing people are to help each other and share ideas.

We set up the www.thesellingguys.com website to complement the Facebook groups. We use the website to publish important Amazon guides, review tools and courses, and give our views on any current Amazon issues.

Please Join ‘the Selling Guys’ Community for Free Help and Advice

Please join our friendly and helpful groups if you are not already a member and I’m sure you will benefit too:

Amazon Selling for Beginners โ€“ for people starting their Amazon selling journey.

Amazon FBA Masters โ€“ for more experienced Amazon sellers.

There is also the official The Selling Guys Facebook page – please follow our page for exclusive content.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter below for the latest hints, tips and news.โ‡“

Please get involved โ€“ join, comment, share, and help others. That is what it is all about and hopefully, we can all benefit from this sharing of knowledge and ultimately make more money selling online.

Confused? START HERE โ€“ How To Sell On Amazon: A Beginners Guide

Good Luck & Happy Selling

James ๐Ÿ‘จ

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