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The tools and supplies we use to succeed on Amazon The Selling Guys

These are the tools and resources we have used to build a very successful Amazon FBA business over the last 12 years. Being perfectionists we always do thorough testing before we use any tool or service. You can be assured that these are the best tools and services available to

How to stop your Amazon product listing being hijacked or piggybacked The Selling Guys

We get a lot of angry sellers contacting us because someone has hijacked their Amazon Private Label product listing. Their sales slow down and damage is done to the product rank and reviews. It is a horrible situation to be in as you may have spent months creating the product

How to get Amazon to reimburse for inventory by The Selling Guys

We carried out this process recently and received over $1888 in refunds from Amazon. We had no way of being aware we were entitled to these reimbursements and Amazon had no intention of paying them. This was a great feeling especially as it often feels you are only ever on

Complete Guide to Amazon FBA Product Codes UPC, GTIN, EAN, Barcodes, ASINS, FNSKUS The Selling Guys

If you are new to selling on Amazon, then no doubt you are scratching your head about UPC Codes, FNKSU Codes, ASINS, and all those other weird sounding acronyms floating around! Don’t worry, you’re not alone! All these codes can even trip up those who have already been selling successfully

Amazon product rank and bsr charts The Selling Guys

Amazon product ranking and BSR charts are a good tool to help you identify which products to buy and sell on Amazon FBA or Private Label. They will show you where a particular product falls in its category based on how fast

FBA Wizard Pro Full Review The Selling Guys

FBA Wizard Pro is probably the best complete Amazon FBA and Private Label sourcing software available. FBA Wizard Pro helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon and eBay by searching over 400 retail websites and wholesalers.

What is FBA Wizard Pro

FBA Wizard Pro is software for

How to get Ungated in Amazon restricted categories The Selling Guys

You will find that some Amazon categories are restricted for new sellers. Sellers will need to get approved by Amazon in order to sell products in these categories. There are a lot of benefits to getting ungated so if you want to expand your Amazon FBA business you should consider

How to sell on Amazon A Beginners Guide The Selling Guys

You have probably heard of Amazon FBA but are not quite sure how it works and how you actually get started. There is a lot of information out there and it can easily become confusing. Here is a simple guide which shows you how to sell

Amazon Private Label Searching for a Trademark The Selling Guys

With the launch of Amazon’s “Brand Registry 2.0”, a lot of questions have come up in our selling community about trademarks, patents and copyrights. We are going to walk you through the basic steps on how to search for a trademark for your Private Label brand.

How to find a Private Label product to sell on Amazon

With more people discovering the world of private label selling on Amazon’s FBA “Fulfillment By Amazon” marketplace, a common question is “how do I find a good private label product to sell on Amazon?” In this post, we will discuss exactly how to go about building a list of product

How to choose products to sell on Amazon

Here we explain how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon and the selection criteria you should use. If you follow these guidelines you should find more success with your Amazon FBA business.

What to look for in a winning product for Amazon FBA


The best Amazon FBA and PL sourcing and research tool The Selling Guys

Here we review the best tools and software to help you source products to sell on Amazon FBA. Whether it’s for online arbitrage, wholesale or private label, these tools will make your research more efficient

Identifying Amazon gated and restricted brands to avoid suspension The Selling Guys

Amazon are gating and restricting more brands and this will continue throughout 2018. You need to be more aware of this in order to avoid legal issues which can lead to your Amazon Seller Account being suspended. There are different types of gating and restrictions on

List of Amazon gated and restricted brands The Selling Guys

Amazon are continuing to gate and restrict more brands. When you attempt to sell these products Amazon will list the requirements to get the restriction lifted. However, more companies are taking legal action to protect their brands. Often their products are not restricted by Amazon and so you can list

Is Online and retail arbitrage on Amazon dead by The Selling Guys copy

Amazon sellers in our Facebook Groups are always asking – ‘is it getting harder to sell on Amazon when doing arbitrage?’. Retail Arbitrage is when you buy from physical stores to resell on Amazon and Online Arbitrage is when you buy from online retailers to resell on

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