So you want to make money selling on Amazon? You have come to the right place. We offer tips and advice to help you with Amazon FBA and Amazon Private Label.

It all started when we created a Facebook Group to help other Amazon sellers. We then realised the benefit of sharing knowledge and helping each other in a community and decided to create a website to provide free resources and helpful advice.

You might already be a member – if not we have two groups which you are very welcome to join;
Amazon Selling for Beginners
Amazon FBA Masters

Please get involved – join, comment, share, and help others. That is what it is all about and hopefully, we can all benefit from this sharing of knowledge and we can all build more successful Amazon businesses.

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  1. I would expect you will get the Buy Box once your stock is at FBA. I would make sure you do not alter your price as this can affect the Buy Box

  2. By Kristian

    I’m a bit interested in hearing more about getting the Buy Box as a new seller.
    We are currently selling through FBM, but this week we will convert our listings to FBA listings and send the stock to Amazon.

    However, it’s now 14 days since our launch. We’ve had sales and so on (still no reviews even though we got +50 sales), but we don’t have the Buy Box (private label listing – we are the only seller on our listing).

    Can er expect to get the Buy Box when Amazon get’s our stock in their warehouse, or are we looking at months of waiting time?
    Our biggest struggle is not being able to run PPC campaigns…

  3. Thanks for your kind words John – we do our best to help!

  4. By John McLean jr

    I just love these guys. From what I have seen they are the most honest in the Amazon world

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